On the Amber Guyger Debacle in Dallas

Botham Jean and Amber Guyger

The recent debacle in regards to the Amber Guyger case teaches many lessons that must be consistently pounded into the heads of those who claim to work for a better world. For those who are for whatever reason unaware of who Amber Guyger is, she is the white former police officer who was found guilty this week of murdering Botham Jean, her Black neighbor, in Dallas, Texas. Guyger illegally entered Jean’s apartment, falsely claiming it as her own, and then proceeded to gun the man down in cold blood and then deny him adequate first aid in line with her police training. The inflammatory texts that were recently released demonstrate that this was the deed of a twisted mind that simply could not wait to take a black life. Essentially, all of the evidence was stacked against her and no jury in their right mind would call this anything short of cold-blooded murder. Not manslaughter, murder, with malice aforethought and an attempt to cover up the facts of her crime. The trial was a disgusting and shameful farce, a spectacle. Guyger cried on the stand, attempting to weaponize her status as a female settler to escape whatever semblance of justice that can be found in a bourgeois court of law. The black court officers and judge displayed sympathy, patting her hair and hugging her after she was found to have murdered a man in cold blood. It is common sense that a Black man accused of murdering Guyger would not receive this sympathetic treatment from a white (or Black) judge or bailiffs. If the tables had been turned, Botham Jean would already have disappeared into the notorious Texas criminal injustice system and the courts would have been closed to him. No hugs, no sympathetic ears, no anything except cruel bars and neo-plantation slavery. This is known to Black, Brown and white alike. 

The only reason that Guyger was found guilty and sentenced was because of fear among the city’s settler ruling class and their lackies. This is the city of Micah X. Johnson, who sent five pigs to their graves on July 7, 2016. This spirit would have awoken with a vengeance had this murderer been allowed to walk away, and there would have been fire and, probably, blood, and not all of it the people’s. Whenever we get some semblance of “justice” or “progress”, it is always extracted by bullet, fire and knife. Either their real use, or their threatened use. The facts of the case were well known, and the masses were eagerly awaiting to see what the verdict would be, and were prepared to respond with revolutionary, spontaneous violence were it anything other than guilty. But the fascist system always protects its own. The job of the police is to kill Black people, in any way they are able. They are not to serve us, protect us, or help solve our problems. The job of the court is to pack us off to prisons where we are turned into slaves who produce and labor for near-free. If you disbelieve, check out the Constitution of this country, and its loophole regarding slavery. A Black person is worth more to the ruling class in a prison factory than in a university classroom. So I personally was not surprised when Guyger got only 10 years, most of which she will probably not serve. A black person’s life in this country is worth only as much as we make it. When we start matching blood for blood, and charging colonizers an extremely high price for our precious blood and that of our people, we’ll start seeing some shit we ain’t never seen before. Black Lives Matter, indeed. If our lives matter, we’ll kill to protect our people’s lives. There’s a war on us in this country. There has always been a war on us in this country. There will be a war on us in this country until we destroy it. 

As for the sickening spectacle of hugs, I’m again not surprised. Our people’s forgiving spirit has always been remarkable. We’ve forgiven lynchers, murderers, rapists, and all sorts of others who have committed crimes most foul against our people. Europeans themselves have expressed shock and awe at our ability to forgive. Pacifism and forgive the enemy thought were explicitly taught to us on plantations and in colonial schools because the enemy knew that had we been following our natural instincts they would be unassed immediately. We are a new generation of people, though. Young Black people do not buy the Euro-Christian dogma and if you hit us we will blast back at you. We are rapidly developing a lack of fear. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. The hope of my generation is that Guyger suffers every waking and sleeping second in that prison and she does not come out alive. May she go for a hug and get a knife in her back. Time is out for forgiveness. We are people of vengeance and Black Jesus comes with sword and fire. Our lives matter. The enemy’s life does not.