The Futility and Stupidity of the Unrestricted Settler “Left”

As readers may know, I have been a supporter, propagandist and active participant in the For the People movement since its inception. I am but one of many comrades who have dedicated our lives to building a broad movement of working class and nationally oppressed people to finally take down capitalism-imperialism once and for all. One of the requirements for such a movement is the development of alternative infrastructure for the inevitability of services and food transport being disrupted in a revolutionary situation. The line of march for the revolution to destroy the United States is the construction and conquest of urban bases and FTP organizations under the leadership of the MCP-OC (Maoist Communist Party – Organizing Committee) are a key part of this task. Skill shares, food shares, and urban agriculture are part and parcel of this strategy. 

So, when our community garden was attacked by settler dogmatists calling themselves “Community Power Network” on the evening of November 10, many were shocked and surprised. Once you understand the psychology and thought processes of settler communists and certain nationally oppressed people who are brainwashed enough to follow them, you will no longer be surprised. Colonizers seek to destroy, slander and wreck anything they can not control. This is not just me as a Black Maoist saying this, ask any Black Anarkata, revolutionary nationalist or other organizers who can attest to the truth of what I’m saying. Many of our people do not even organize with colonizers anymore. They will doxx you, they will steal money from you, they will get you fired from your job, they will slander you, they will call the police on you, they will gaslight you, they will threaten you with physical harm, they will ignore racism and chauvinism in their pathetic excuses for movements and act as if the continued existence of their pathetic little colonizer sects which are nothing more than think tanks and self-aggrandizement factories for the radical wing of the white petit-bourgeoisie posturing as the proletariat. They will whisper your success and broadcast your failures. At the end of the day, they do not want us to get free, because they live off our generosity and mercy. I was attacked a couple of years ago as a rape apologist for defending the Haitian Revolution. They fear this revolution because it was made by us, Haiti lingers like an angry, hungry ghost on the collective settler consciousness. That’s why they can lightly gloss over the bloody errors of Stalin and Gonzalo (who, as a Maoist, I uphold – but I’m not delusional) while nitpicking and attacking African revolutionary projects like those in Haiti. When the machete and noose wrap around one’s own neck and Lucanamarca comes to the suburbs, people get real silent real fast. Opportunism. At the end of the day, settlers do not want us to have shit.

As a vocal Black Maoist in the United States, my thinking and praxis and that of my comrades who are also New Afrikan are guided by the collective lived experience of 500 years of my people. This is something that colonizers who posture as Communists yet engage in destructive and fascist behavior can never understand or know. Their response is to lash out because we are the resolution to the antagonistic contradiction and they want to be in control in typical colonizer fashion. They hover over us like tortured ghosts, waiting for us to slip up, and, when our work gains more solidity and validity among the masses than their own, they wreck and destroy. This is a psychological disease shared by tortured settlers across generations and tendencies. At the end of the day, they do not want us to feed our people, make revolution, or seize the time. They want to use us as cannon fodder while they, under some bastardization of socialism, remain in control. Yet they’re in for a rude awakening when the Panther comes for real and the dragon is unleashed. Half a millennium is enough. Get smart and know who, what and where you are, and who, what and where we are.