White Lines and White People

Before opening any conversation regarding drugs it’s important to keep in mind that everybody regardless of social class, race or nationality partakes in them or knows somebody that has partaken in them. This has been the case throughout recorded history. If you drink wine, you are consuming a drug. The consumption of this substance is central to the religious practice of one of the world’s major religions which originated in Europe, Catholic Christianity, so it amuses me when people label Black and Brown people who habitually and publically consume large quantities of wine in a derogatory fashion. This hypocrisy is ever-present in drug discourse, even on the so-called Left. People fail to approach the situation from the perspective of those who matter, the colonized working class, and instead impose either a lax, libertarian “everything goes” line, or a strict, authoritarian “straight edge” line influenced by the colonizer dominated hardcore punk scene. Both are inadequate and idealist and it is essential that we develop a correct line on drugs in relation to colonized people taking into account our people’s historical relationship with these substances and why exactly they are coming into our communities in large numbers. 

Harmful drugs in large quantities are in Black and Brown communities because the colonizer ruling class wants them there. The opioid and heroin plague hit the Black community several decades before it got into colonizer suburban neighborhoods, yet the line was to let us be wiped out. This is the thing – these people are at war with us and have been for five hundred years. First we were valuable property, now we’re worth more in prison than in the street. Whenever you see an issue plaguing our community, whether it be poor housing, or gentrification, homelessness, or mass incarceration, or gun violence, or anything else, you need to keep in mind that the average colonizer does not give a fuck about us and would happily push a button to make us all disappear off the face of the Earth. Their government seeks our destruction in a million and one ways, and they would happily allow drugs to aid in this task. We have the right to exist and be happy and healthy. The New Afrikan revolutionary must avoid colonizers’ drugs because they are counter to our goal of New Afrikan liberation. This is not to say to refuse to take prescription medication prescribed and monitored by a physician, but recreational use of cocaine, heroin (fentanyl), meth, and other such things is politically reactionary and a vice that no serious revolutionary should partake in. It is not the task of the individual with a drug problem to struggle alone, but the task of a collective. An organization that lets its members abuse dangerous drugs and does not intervene views them as tools and dues payments, not people, and does not deserve to exist. 

Colonizers are the biggest consumers of drugs. When pig Nixon launched his “War On Drugs” population removal scam in the early 1970s he met with notorious drug addict Elvis Presley at the White House and gave him a D.E.A. badge and ID. The list of colonizer celebrities and business people and other notables who have died or been committed to hospitals and rehab centers for abusing drugs would probably stretch over every inch of this stolen land and I do not exaggerate. However, due to their access and power, they receive better quality drugs than we do, and also have health insurance/loads of money which allows them access to pharmaceuticals directly from crooked doctors. The decision of the Seminole Nation and other indigenous people to sue pharmaceutical companies for their role in the manufacture and distribution of these substances on their territory is a correct one and one that we will hopefully see spread to the New Afrikan nation as well. The hypocrisy of colonizers on the drugs question stems, again, from their desire for our genocide – Black people are to OD and go to prison, settlers are to be given rehab, Narcan and millions of dollars in federal money to fail to cure the problem. It is ultimately on the revolutionary movement to cure this sickness in our body, none can do it for us. Drugs are in our community because the colonizer is not satisfied with direct violence against our people, it requires a plague on a massive scale. This is that plague. This is not the palm wine and shamanic trance of our ancestors, this is industrial death and death trance pumped into our veins from the longest and number one enemy of our people. Whenever a Black person dies in America, whether it be from diabetes, cancer, police violence, starvation, fratricidal violence, war or natural disaster, it is an act of genocide.