Jay Z Got 99 Problems and Selling Out is #1

The Black Upper Class (Petty Bourgeoisie) has no loyalty to the Black Poor and Working Class. Even though without black poor people they wouldn’t have the ability to acquire such wealth.

With this understanding I am never shocked at the stunts they pull to get that bread. But this underhanded shit Jay Z’s just done has given me a bit of pause.

He has just signed a multi-million dollar deal – exact amount hasn’t been disclosed – with the NFL. You always know the money is extra dirty when the amount isn’t disclosed. The deal is for him to be a Token Negroe so that all black fans and black players can be good obedient cash cows again.

Of course that’s not what they said in the press conference. They said he’s gonna be working in the entertainment and social justice field of the NFL… If you think JayZ and his people gonna be having regular meetings with the NFL so that the NFL can somehow stop police brutality against black people … you are a fool and your mother should have swallowed.

Jay-Z said “The time for protesting is behind us it’s time for Justice work.” This just sounds like thank you Poor negroes for protesting and busting your asses on the streets. But now it’s time for us rich blacks to profit off of your struggle and get these checks. So stop protesting so massa can feel good about giving me these millions.

Jay-Z and his wife have made their agenda very clearly in all of their music. To be Black Capitalist Billionaires. This is what they brag about constantly in their lyrics. At least Michael Jackson sang about making the world a better place and helping poor children.

So in his own words, he is an opportunist and his actions are saying he is an opportunist. He didn’t even try to get Colin Kaepernick in the situation, that would have been the least he could have done. What about the hundreds of young black community organizers around the nation that have been the wind behind this movement?

We got pepper sprayed, rubber bullets shot at us, our ass beaten by pigs, thrown in jail, and some protesters have even been assassinated! Now these uppity negroes who’ve never even participated in a sit-in gone be the ones we trust with our voice? Hell no! You haven’t showed your loyalty! Loyalty for the people is proven in the trenches! Loyalty is proven when your comrades are ASSASSINATED (RIP Darren Seals) and you still keep fighting the next day! No bodyguards, no security, just you and your sign against the National Guard!

Darren Seals (center) and other Ferguson organizers at a rally.

Let me tell y’all ‘bout protesting cause some of y’all got it confused! Protesting is organized resistance of the people.

If it wasn’t for protesting black people wouldn’t have been freed from slavery, have the right to vote, have the right to equal job opportunities, have the right to education, access to government assistance, healthcare, be outside after sundown, and so much more!

Shit if it wasn’t for POOR BLACKS protesting Jay and Bey would have to pee in Dixie cups and come through the kitchen for their tours. Oh and They sure as hell wouldn’t be making the amount of money they are.

I love how you niggas love shitting on protesting… but you niggas wouldn’t have shit OR be shit without protesting.