Black Power For The Future

Today, we as 21st Century young revolutionaries must take into account that WE ARE ALL WE HAVE. The elders of today have been bamboozled into fighting silently for the payoff of living longer, but that approach only continues the perpetration and mass slaughtering of Afrikans worldwide! We must plant seeds early in the spirits of our children to be radical, outspoken, over achievers, and strategic. NO MORE “we shall overcome some day” b.s. NO, WE WILL OVERCOME NOW!


What does this exciting phrase mean? It means that we as Afrikans have developed a mind set of race first which will produce economic stability for the majority and not the minority, safe communities for Black families and no harassment from government or corporations. This includes Black on Black crime becoming completely unacceptable and punishable to the fullest extent if caught doing so. It also means the ability for the Afrikan diaspora to trade and develop our own currency and not accepting Black exploitation. It requires the development of a BLACK MILITARY that will go to war with any government that is not doing right by our people!


So how do we get there? I believe this generation of young leaders are creating opportunities for our future to become more equipped to fight this war. This is done by building Black businesses, youth focused innovative programs, as well as modern and futuristic technology and skills training. Creating international mandatory Bootcamps for Black youth (starting around the age of five) will indoctrinate their minds into SELF PRESERVATION, RACE FIRST, and anti- CONSUMERISM mentalities. We will vaccinate the mental diseases that plague us today!

I’ve been working towards these goals myself with the BLACK WOLVES YOUTH SCOUTS NATION that is developing the kind of Black youth we need. We meet consistently every week and train. From entrepreneurship to community service, and public speaking, we do it all! No pledge of allegiance to America b.s. either! We pledge to our own flag which is the Pan Afrikan RBG flag and our allegiance is to build a nation of our own. “RESPECT, COMMITMENT and HUMANITARIAN LOVE” is our creed. I am looking to spread this movement all across the earth by educating others who have an interest in our program and coming to their city, state, or country.

Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or at and cc: BLACK POWER!