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Why Black People need Spaces Exclusively for Themselves.

I read this post a while back, Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People. ( I thought it’d be crucial to reiterate and double down on the need for Black people of melanated Afrikan descent to organize, collaborate and study together on a regular basis. 

In my experience, an organized Pan-Afrikan’s basic, fundamental requirement is reading compression. There is an extensive, often times a detailed political education program that revolutionaries must read in order to make thier steps better on the journey of liberation.
I know some would say networking is key, other’s would say accumulating material resources to further our liberation goals.

In my opinion, organizers should be well versed in history, which includes 3 key areas that branch off. Economics, movement of culture and most importantly warfare. Being well versed in writing, speaking and teaching political education is the best service for our community. Anyone, at any age, at any class level can disseminate knowledge and information to our community if they put the school hours in.

I also wrote Short Guide to Self Education. Steps 1-5 is how I operate on a regular basis and step 6 is the catalyst of this blog post. This is not a theoretical idea, I’m speaking from 3 years experience and running.

Step One : Watching, listening to less TV. Less useless YouTube and social media.

Step Two : Set aside reading time. (1-5 hours daily is ideal)

Step Three : Watch, listen to educational videos.

Step Four : Treat organizing like you’re in school training for a career in revolution.

Step Five : Challenge the material – Ask Questions, make analysis, update and adapt to modern times. 

Step Six : Join a Discussion Group/Organization/Work Study.

I’m already putting all these things into practice. The All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Part is how I’m able to advance myself on an intellectual and social level for a few years. It’s a party for Black people, unapologetically, in an era where diversity and inclusion is attempting to push out race first self preservation.

My circle meets on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, in-person and conference calls when necessary. These meetings are healthy, it serves as confidence boosting for self esteem and confidence in taking control. It won’t cure mental health but it can help you maintain it.
It also serves as a retreat or healing center with like minds.

The by product is an effective break from the Anti-Black system that has many names and faces worldwide. Imagine being in the matrix between events, seminars, classes. Meeting and organizing in a group fighting for the liberation of your people is like assembling the avengers or getting together at the Malcolm Xavier Institute for Mutants. It’s up to you how to carry yourself….

“People of color” or simply anyone who isn’t a Black descendant should get used to the idea of spaces that do not include them. Our experience is unique, class may put some groups in the same boat as Black people no question.

The invention of class, the wealth gap, capitalistic accumulation of resources and the wealthy 1% is a direct result of the exploitation of Afrika. Afrikans children, their labour and material resources. This is why we focus on a unified Afrika.

Diversity can be put on hold in respect to the global situation of anti-Blackness. This is one the best ways for non-Black POC to be allies. Let independent Afrikans handle their business and get our house in order.

Second best is cutting checks to Afrikan-centered, independent, revolutionary parties, organizations and groups fighting for the complete liberation of ALL BLACK people.

Knowledge is nourishment and knowledge applied is power. My consciousness, personal accountability and responsibility level has increased expeditiously in the past 3 years. To anyone not in an organization, eventually you’ll notice a difference between organizers and unorganized people. Of course, there will be gray areas but either they’re doing work or not.

That leads to another reason for organization, it’s better to be organized and focused, especially during a tragedy then unorganized and reactionary.
The masses of Black people virally react in a scramble to tragedies like police brutality, state violence and anti-Black controversies. Organization is to move as a solid grid that operates when necessary.

The masses are stuck on a cycle of controversies, some wake up and actually start to do something. Others can’t see their own hamster wheel.

Wake up, find a team and bring your strengths! Mobilize the Justice Liberation League, build your Nebuchadnezzar and move forward!

Peace and Blessings.

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