Values of Conquest Over Personal Freedom Today

land, food, medicine and the individual are four main properties that form the matrix of conquest according to scientific socialism.  land is first, food is second (henry kissinger once said in 1970 that who controls the food controls the people, who controls the oil controls the nation),  third is medicine and healthcare and the fourth is the effects of the 3 previous reified properties imposed on the wellbeing of the individual.  first we’ll start with the 4th, well-being and personal access, efforts and solidarity of people seeking and wanting a better world.  

but the mass solidarity of what many people in the west think of revolution is not revolution.  for example BLM is not a revolutionary organisation.  ‘protest as ritual’ is not revolution in itself.  taking it to the streets is the liminal frontline for urban guerilla revolution.  but BLM as an organisation has no training cadres, no centralization or no cohesive ideology for a decentralized network.  it’s an identity based movement and has succumbed to liberal opportunism and careerism for “professional activists”.  it’s mobilisation melts into the orchestrated anarchy of the geopolitical spectacle.

since the resurgence of protests in 2020, after people stopped giving a f*$k about the covid quarantine house arrest that came after the global protests of 2019, there have been efforts to organize, beyond the well due looting and destruction of corporate property.  like the improvised seattle chaz site that took over a police station and a few city blocks, or the black militias and gun clubs that have been protecting their communities and standing against white supremacy.  maybe there are new factions and organisations we haven’t heard of yet, similar to MOVE, the young lords, or the black panther party, the black panther cubs, the all african people’s revolutionary party, the republic of new afrikans, malcolm X and the NOI to that extent, even some kind of network of cooperative economics that will be as expansive as the UNIA was.  an organisation requires infrastructure and shared commonality and ideology of something in order to work together and move forward together.  the haitian revolution was organised.  there are places like cooperation jackson in jackson, mississippi, that have been consistently building an anti-capitalist city, acquiring assets and equity for their community and self sustainable industry of worker owned cooperatives.  

what movements like BLM or ANTIFA do is mobilisation and protest as ritual because of liberal obsession with the symbolism vs. organisation (ideological infrastructure and management).  you can’t go to war broke.  these days you can’t organize with zero dollars and there is no revolutionary without an organisation and shared ideology or commonality.  kwame ture emphasized this again and again. and so if there’s no organization, what’s it going to be? anarchy-communalism type living, or just pre-capitalist off the land life, no labels – sounds good.

i’m also writing this to help clear up a conflict noticed among BLM protest goers and supporters.  And that is the heteronormative vs queer identity politics within BLM and the world at large being stifled by the heteronormative, christian brainwashing that the lgbtqs2 members of our communities are part of a greater agenda to effeminate the black man.  although the lgbtqs2 agenda seems to be embraced by the white capitalist mainstream media, the community itself is divided by more lgbtqs2 people who are still often white, rich and racist as is often proven in the hyper capitalist spectacle of the pride parades and corporate sponsorship.  homosexuality is well documented and traditional to the 5 genders that existed before christian colonisation.  this includes cultures across africa, first nations from canada all the way down to chile, across asia and europe.

this plays into the management of a household and the nuclear family as the principal site of capitalist reproduction because it is there that the free labour of child care is exploited to breed the next generation of labourers for capitalist exploitation.  lgbtqs2 communities as well as queer and hetero polyamorous familys can break down these exploitations by providing networks of complex interpersonal family organisations that benefit the needs of the communities.  needless to say this is all happening with some networks of nuclear families that traditionally live in communal households with friends and and/or intergenerational households with grandparents and uncles and aunties and people adopted into the family.

this sequentially all plays into distraction and attention economy.  the dromo of speed and politics.  it goes down the same in the community organisations where there are social innovators, politicians, academics and the community organisations themselves seemingly poverty pimping and throwing out a couple hundred thousand dollars so that the petty bourgeoisie organisations can squabble over crumbs and maintain the status quo with another bandaid over the most recent bullet wounds.  they are most often willingly or unwittingly the managerial class that profits off and curates community dysfunction and disintegration until gentrification can move in.  

and what’s happening now?  to these communities around the world.  land and water defenders, community leaders and activists being threatened and assassinated.  no messiahs, j. edgar hoover wanted em all dead. not that we need a messiah anyway. but still,  marginalized and poor communities face more deaths because of economics.  healthy people aren’t profitable.  

why is this all happening? no matter if covid was released intentionally or not does not exempt the fact that the world governments have never had so much control over people.  and why wouldn’t the media give attention to BLM while they parade identity politics as the puppet of the global capitalist power shifts taking place?  we all saw how quickly the shelves at the grocery stores emptied out when covid first hit.  just a glimmer of the immediacy and chaos that would ensue if there was no food to restock.  there has been chinese conquest of land used for farming around the world: brazil (including the land cleared from the burning down of the rainforest), canada, u.s and africa.  china owns 5%, around 1.1 trillion, of america’s 23.7 trillion dollar debt.  china is second to japan who owns 1.2 trillion of america debt.  the american dollar is the first global currency, all the oil in the world is traded with the american dollar, but its empire is ending and new powers are taking place.  china legitimately wants to become the new global currency. maybe the superpowers will make sure no currency ever becomes the global currency anymore?  a new germaphobe and cashless society is not difficult to speculate.  the wars over energy, over oil, are the lynchpins to the global banking cartels.  eurasia is a site of new exploitation for russian and chinese trade.  new pipelines to be made.  all the while elite pedophiles conduct human trafficking and suspect the clintons, bill gates, trump, ghislaine maxwell, prince andrew, woody allen, harvey weinstein, to name a few, all friends of jeffery epstein.  this is all documented cold hard fact truth, not conspiracy!  the president of the united states of america is a pedophile.  bill clinton and his wife have been to epstein’s pedo-island.  this is still just the murderous imperalists that have been warring against Other since 1492.  it has been 500 years of raping and murder.  the oil extraction project sites are havens for sex trafficking and the countless missing and murdered indigenous women.  and after the violence the primary motive behind the conquest of land – oil and resources.  

to free the land of the oil economy and it’s perverted executives, there have been plans developed by members of the secwepemc first nation, those resisting colonial oppression and pipeline expansion, to restructure the economy based off of hemp.  hemp can do anything petroleum oil can do, and it’s sustainable thus better for the environment.  you can make car and plane bodies, plastics, houses (hempcrete), clothing, food, batteries and medicine from hemp.  this is why hemp was banned in the first place.  because it competed with too many industries like cotton and lumber.  more agricultural work needs to be done in order to survive.  world food supplies need to go up 70% in the next 50 years according the the world food organisation.  we need to do everything from farming hemp to farming our own rice, wheat, beans, fruits, vegetables and livestock.  learning how to hunt, trap and forage is also crucial knowledge.  

some people already live like that and are ready by nature, for many it will require a class suicide and sacrifice, as amilcar cabral called for.  in the solidarity of class sacrifice people would find a divine reason and pledge to the earth and to revolution, which is ultimately a preservation of the sacred that is the earth and life on it, through the oppression, “for it necessarily involves a lived wager of implicated temporality, full of uncertainty and without guarantee, thus entailing social risk, universal consequence and total responsibility for ‘being-in-the-world’.  like fanon said, each generation is responsible to “discover their mission, fulfill it, or betray it”.  this is why we must fight with a plan for the future, live with purpose, a 1 year plan, 2 year plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan, etc.  we must historically prepare for this future or there will be no future and we humans will be purged from this world as the earth heals itself and restores balance.

get out of the city, at least plan to have somewhere to go, a commune or farm already accessible to you and your community, have access to fresh water and guns and ammo.  there has never been a modern revolution without gunfire.  don’t be naive, be safe.  organise. be informed.  be prepared.