The hood leads the revolution

Speech by Gazi Kodzo, Commander in Chief of the Black Hammer Organization.

Delivered at Rally #14 on August 25, 2020.

Those of us in the hood are the true proletariat. We the Colonized poor and working class people who the whole system depends on, which means we can do anything.

On the other hand, there are “leftists” who read things like Settlers and Marx think that because they can speak fancy about the experiences of colonialism, and it means something. But they can speak until their tongue falls off and it won’t move the struggle forward a single inch.

The constant articles, bookclubs and podcasts that repeat and rehash things don’t move the ideology, philosophy, and theory forward so the work can be accomplished. 

How do we learn and where do we get the right ideas? It’s definitely not from endlessly spiraling book clubs – it’s from the work. From the class struggle against colonialism and the scientific application of ideas in the real world. It’s getting people into the streets and getting people from the streets.

Who’s in front and who’s behind

It’s one thing to say that a colonized person is more oppressed than a white person, and it’s nice we have books that explain this in fancy language. But really, tell me something I don’t know.

Really, what you should have told me was what poor and colonized people don’t know – or haven’t been told – which is that we are the leadership of the revolutionary struggle.

If you don’t admit that, you ain’t telling me shit and you ain’t telling white leftists shit either. There are some “leftists” who can quote stuff left and right, but watch how when it comes to it, they organize only to attacking colonized revolutionary leadership like every settler and sellout does.

Comrade Fanon put it:

“‘The last shall be first and the first last.’ Decolonization is the putting into practice of this sentence.”

Settlers vs the hood

These leftists out here act adventurous and individualistic, just like settlers.

They can read Mao – and still not commit class suicide.

They can read Settlers – and still not commit national suicide.

No nigga on the corner reads this revolutionary stuff and thinks, “gee golly, I didn’t know that!” No, we learned all of that on the streets, and that’s the difference between us and the petty-bourgeois or the white working whipping class: we are the leaders.

White power is failing, and we can see that in the frantic and desperate savagery that’s been going on. Colonizers are in a hurry to loot as much from colonized people while they still can.

While white people are worried about losing their jobs, colonized people are worried about losing their lives.

Because of colonialism and the crisis of imperialism, they’re bombing and attacking and organizing coups more than ever around the world against colonized people – in Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Hong Kong, Mali, Lebanon, Libya – the list goes on and on.

It’s actually a huge difference when your greatest worry is losing your job rather than a bomb being dropped on you. 

In the belly of the beast

Being colonized in the belly of the beast, in the united snakes of amerikkka, still means your family is being arrested by ICE and you worry about being separated from your loved ones because of imperialism.

African, Asian, and Indigenous people are seeing skyrocketing mass incarceration because even though you lost your job, colonialism still wants you to work! So they arrest you and get free labor out of your ass since slavery was never abolished.

And “rising violence” is just a sorry excuse so that the pigs are out arresting even more now. The police state is doing what they’re doing so that the white ruling class can have free labor or labor for 2 cents per week.

You can watch the Democratic or Republican conventions and watch both parties brag, “Hey, I can beat up on colonized people better than the other one can!” That’s all it is in this system.

Liberals blame coronavirus on Trump, but Jesus could be president with the Virgin Mary as vice president, and they still couldn’t save the capitalist-imperialist system that has a healthcare system based on profit. It never could defend itself against a pandemic.

At this point, the only choice in the elections is to pick who’s gonna run the ship while it’s sinking. Make no mistake, we’re on the Titanic, we hit an iceberg, and it’s sinking. It doesn’t matter who’s the captain of the sinking ship – it’s sinking. Dementia Joe and Eager beaver cop Kamala definitely can’t save this. 

Both sides say “We have to do something about this problem”, but they’re just fighting to see who can give more resources to the police and gut social programs.

As dialectical materialists and colonized revolutionaries, the colonizer class needs more state, not less, especially when the colonized people have every reason to rise up and take everything back.

Where are we & what we need to do

White people are won to revolution by reading, and library research, and talking about memes. 

But as colonized people, we come to a revolutionary conclusion by pain, by being part of the genocide of our people. We come to this conclusion because there’s literally nothing else. 

There’s a difference between seeing a George Floyd or Mike Brown or Sandra Bland, and knowing that you are next.

Then you find out that that African exploitation is connected to all this other shit too! This colonial muder is connected to transphobia, connected to why your account is negative, why bombs are dropping, why there are drugs in your community, why your mom’s a crackhead, why your dads in jail, and why you got low self-esteem, depression and suicidal thoughts!

It’s all connected, and as dialectical materialists and revolutionaries (like all colonized people) we know this can’t continue. We are looking to solve this problem because there’s no way this can continue any longer. It’s been 500 years too long!

To solve this contradiction we gotta solve all of it, and there’s no other way. There’s no policy you can pass or politician you can elect, homeless shelters you can build,  grant money, hashtags, none of these insignificant things will ever address that contradiction.

It will be increasingly more violent until we deal with the whole thing.

With that weight on our shoulders, just say “Yeah, let’s go!” Look at the ancestors behind you like Crazy Horse, Assata, Ho Chi Minh, Gaddafi, and say “Let’s go”, like Fidel, “Let’s go!”

There aren’t just African, Arab, Indian, or Indigenous problems. You can’t solve each one at a time. You can’t just solve the Black Woman problem or the African problem. We live in this one world and you gotta solve all the problems at once. 

The core is colonialism, and colonialism affects all people. What else is there to do but organize all colonized people to defeat colonialism?

Hammers unite to the one struggle

I’m using my life as that answer to this colonial contradiction. That’s what it means to be a Hammer. We came here to solve this contradiction of colonialism.

We unite that we are going to struggle, we are going to develop, and that we are going to win. Hammers have decided to be professional revolutionaries, and we mean it.

At once, we are both from the masses and the advanced detachment leading the masses. We made a promise to the masses to carry this forward for them. To be the leading force for them. This is who your promise is made with. It ain’t with your leader, or with your org – it’s a promise to the hood.

We have to be ready to win because at the end of the day this is how we decided to spend our lives. 

We’re on this planet around 65-70 years – a blip of time in humanity. Revolutionaries work in organizations, but your job is to move this forward.

Everyday we can see the sweet, amazing things that colonized nations coming together can accomplish. We need to protect the families, our communities, the very planet that we’re on.

Do you know how hard it is to find life in the universe? We fucking it up! Colonialism is literally killing the planet! This mama Earth is fine china! This is nothing to fucks with!

We’ve been given an amazing chance to see the universe up to now, and despite all the fucked up stuff of Colonialism, we know we gotta destroy it and keep life going on the planet, as long as possible. When our children and grandchildren bury us, we want them to see us and say, “Well done, you loyal, dedicated, and selfless servant, well done.”

Then, the next generation gonna have to live up to that.