2020 Meme

Dear 2020, Fuck you for COVID-19

Dear 2020 fuck you for COVID-19.
But Because of you people are waking up no longer a dream.
A dream of conformity provided by our working distractions,
black mirrors and tv screens.
People stuck at home on lockdown in quarantine.
They have no choice but to bare witness to the realities of a people who demand equality that’s unseen.
Hatred and bigotry provoked by this commander in chief.
Our lives have been stolen by this demander and thief.
If he’ll answer for those crimes next year remains to be seen.
Black Lives Matter fightin for change.
Fightin for our people still livin in chains.
Free Clifton White.
Got arrested expressing his 1st amendment right.
But when the constitution was written it wasn’t written for us.
Written for the white man not givin a fuck.
Black lives matter too.
In world war 2 we went to fight the nazis who was killin the Jews.
Nobody was screamin all lives matter then so I ain’t listenin dude.
If all lives matter then put that fuckin mask on.
People misinformed because of agent orange and I’m not talkin Vietnam. People listen to his bullshit and can’t see that he’s wrong.
Keep following him and you might not live very long.
Bet if you asked him what our national anthem is he’d say oh I never heard that song.
But it got good ratings.
Go for the throat say he cut himself shaving.
Gotta get the spray tan off.
Rest in peace Ahmaud Arbery.
Should’ve charged his murderers for armed robbery.
Took that man’s life. Rest in peace George Floyd.
After he was killed Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home by a bullet she couldn’t avoid.
Steppin outta the void the world is startin to stand up.
Lifting up the man on the streets down on his luck.
Silence is complicity.
If you have a voice you have a fuckin responsibility.
Hold those accountable who are supposed to protect and serve.
Paying them a tax dollar they don’t fuckin deserve.
I say lets Start a revolution and break open the federal reserve.
People Stuck on unemployment with these cops on deployment killing my people while white racists patrolling.
Rest in piss Civil Guard.
Black lives matter. If that offends you that’s a disaster.
You would rather be offended than roll with the latter.
We’re gunna rise to the top and I don’t mean wita ladder.
Rise with our fists up no more steps taken backwards. Love.