Marx was a colonizer, not a communist

Marx was a colonizer, not a communist

The other day I made a post, and a lot of these white leftists are upset. But white leftist, shouldn’t be upset because I do not make posts for them. (Leave me alone! I’m not talking to you!) I’m talking to my people, my beautiful Colonized people. 

In the post, I said:

“Karl Marx did not invent socialism. Marx stated himself that he got the idea of an equal society without economic oppression from studying pre-colonial Africans and pre-colonial indigenous people of Turtle Island, the ‘Americas.’”

Marx did not create socialism. He examined African and Indigenous people and that’s how he came to understand what an equal society could look like. That cracker just acknowledged that white people have never had that – he had to look somewhere else! Only white people gotta look somewhere else to find a society where they struggled to make sure nobody oppresses another person. That should tell you about our enemy.

I. The power is with the colonized masses

The brilliance of the poor working-class colonized people shows when we give them access to their power. They take the knowledge they have gotten from living in the horrific system and when combined with an organizational framework, watch us move forward toward liberation and freedom so we don’t have to live under colonization anymore.

We are about poor working-class colonized people. We say our work is in the hood, the ghettos, the squalor, the gully, where people live literally in the sewers – queer African people live in the sewer in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

That’s where we [Black Hammer] go, that’s where we recruit because that’s where the power is.

Power is not yelling at these politicians or going to their buildings, power is not following these white left organizations. Power is not found in these dusty ass White Left meetings with dry vegan pizza with white people smelling like mildew and the only colonized person that’s there have no other colonized friends, all their friends are white.

Power does not come from reading dead white people to find out who we are and how we’re supposed to fight for liberation and freedom.

II. Colonized People’s Ancestral Knowledge Pre-Dates White Men

My African people have been fighting for freedom and liberation way before Marx was a sperm cell in some white man’s nut. My people are brilliant people that have had a science of liberation and fighting and freedom, and self-determination before Lenin was even a thought.

White people in their science and history did not believe that Africans from the west of Africa had a written language until 40 years ago! They did not believe we had a written language! Meanwhile, our written language expresses more communication than theirs!

You know how white people are like, “oh most of the communication is visual”, and that’s probably like 80%, and the other is audio and the other is written, right? Well if you look at colonized peoples’ written languages we got fifty words to define one word for a reason—to give different inflections and meanings. So African and colonized people, we have already solved the communication problem.

Are these the same white people that are supposed to teach me about liberation and freedom? The same people that thought the Earth was flat?! Do you know how they say human beings thought the earth was flat? No bitch, white people thought the earth was flat!

Colonized people did not think the Earth was flat! We knew better.

III. Who Invented Socialism? Colonized people did.

Marx did not invent historical dialectical materialism. Historical dialectical materialism is just a tool of observation and science that states that you’re gonna use history and your senses at the present to explain where you are and to help you go where you want to go.

You can’t build a pyramid without historical dialectical materialism. You can’t trade around the world without historical dialectical materialism. You can’t create firecrackers as Asians did without historical dialectical materialism. Of course, when white people saw firecrackers and said, “let’s make that into a weapon!”

You can’t create the beautiful civilizations of Indigenous people – so beautiful that when white people came and saw the Indigenous people were living so clean and beautiful, they thought they died and were in heaven! They thought they died and were in heaven because everyone was so happy and together. Because the streets were beautiful and clean, and rivers and roads and animals and everything lived in community with them. But the colonizers were so dirty that’s how they won! Because of their disease! That should tell you about your enemy.

IV. Colonized People and Dialectical Materialism

Another colonizer writer, Cornforth exposed that human beings could not exist in nature without historical dialectical materialism because how are you going to survive in nature if you’re not trying to understand nature as it is? It is simply understanding the whole world as it is, not as you wish it to be – meaning that we understand that colonized people are poor not because we don’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. That’s not dialectical materialism.

Dialectical materialism tells us that we are colonized – our resources and land and labor are being looted – and we are poor because the white ruling class and white people as a whole are rich. Their richness is created from our poverty and exploitation. I don’t know one colonized people who fought for freedom and did not know that simple fact.

African and colonized people have always used our senses and knowledge of history to inform us of our present and how to create our best future. I don’t understand why as African and colonized people we give so much credit to these European men even when these European men stated in their own words and books that they did not create this, they stole it from us. It’s like saying Colonel Sanders invented fried chicken. Y’all make me tired.

V.  The Power of Whiteness

Whiteness is so powerful that whiteness will give a white person credit even when they say I don’t deserve credit! White people said “I did not create this, I just stole this, it’s not mine” and still white power gave them credit. So when we’re talking about dialectical materialism, when we’re talking about socialism, when we’re talking about not oppressing another, when we’re talking about the poor working-class having dictatorship over our land, lives, and resources, and communing with nature – all these things people – people just think Marx and Lenin. Just like when you think of fried chicken, people want to think of Colonel Sanders. That’s white power!

And then some cracker wants to say, “Oh Gazi, he didn’t steal it he observed it and studied it!” How do you think he got to observe and study it? While we were slaves getting our hands cut off for not digging gold fast enough? It’s stealing. It’s stealing like Kim Kardashian wearing cornrows. It’s stealing, because nobody gave it to you, you didn’t ask, you didn’t get consent, and then you used it for your white material interest and you used it to try to liberate white workers. Marx didn’t learn about what Africans had before colonialism and say, “damn, those niggas need to be free.” He just had his friend Engels who was wealthy because his family had factories that used slave cotton that Engels got wealthy from and that’s what made the books of The Communist Manifesto!

So when you see Communist Manifesto what you should be seeing is the skins of Indigenous people whose land was stolen and the skins of Africans who had to be slaves on that land to pick the cotton which made Engles rich.

VI. We need action!

So African and colonized people, RISE UP! RISE UP! RISE UP! Study your indigenous struggles and civilizations. Colonizers know jack shit. How many times do their scientists have to say that we are right? We’ve been talking about ancestor worshipping. They said that we were savages, dumb and crazy, but two years ago their dumb scientists find out, “oh, actually DNA does hold ancestral knowledge!” African and colonized people have been saying that for thousands of years and yet they call us savages because we were and are the better scientists!

We’ve been singing and dancing and talking to the plants to make them grow for thousands of years. We would have whole festivities just to praise the plants and mother nature to say, “we love you, thank you, thank you,” and even when the Earth wasn’t producing as much as we wanted it to we spoke positively, “we love you, we love you, thank you, thank you,” and we understood if we sang and danced this way – positively, positive, positive, that it would grow.

Crackas are just finding out, you talk positive to a plant it grows beautifully, you talk negative to a plant it grows deformed. You talk positive into the water, molecules change into something good for you, talk negative to water, the water becomes murky. We knew for thousands of years. We are brilliant, we are naturally brilliant because we’ve been here for so long. So dialectically we have to be brilliant because we’ve been here for so long.

That’s why we’re in the bellows, with poor working class colonized people, because that’s where our brilliance is still at. In the mud, that’s where it’s at. That’s how brilliant we are.

That’s why we at Black Hammer say we do not follow Marx, we are not Marxists or Leninists. That is an affront to our ancestors who were so brilliant, so brilliant we don’t even know yet how brilliant they were. But we’re going to find out. And we’re tapping into that everyday. 

Land back!