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Intersectionality only works for Sellouts! We must throw it to the Sea!

Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris waves in front of a red, white, and blue backdrop.

Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris waves in front of a red, white, and blue backdrop.

As an African Non-Binary Queer Differently-Abled Person who is the child of immigrants, I initially gravitated towards the theory of Intersectionality. But I soon realized that underneath the mask,  what is being called intersectional feminism is just white feminism with artificial flavoring. It conveniently only focuses on symptoms or what I call leaves which grow from the tree of colonialism  (i.e., racism, sexism, colorism, classism, queer-antagonism, etc.) instead of getting to the root of the contradiction we face as a people, which is colonialism and it’s economic domination of one nation of people by an oppressor alien nation of people.

Intersectionality has no coherent philosophical direction because it is symptom-based void of the root contradiction and only defines contradictions based on the assumed symptoms of an individual. Intersections are what informs intersectionality, leaves explaining other leaves. Intersectionality says that there are interlocking systems of oppression that multiply depending on the various identities one may have. According to Intersectionality, identities are interrelated rather than independent of one another; therefore, individuals can hold multiple oppressed identities.

A visual representation of intersectionality theory.

‘Intersectional feminists’ critique the white colonial voice in a lazy and shallow way by saying that these interlocking systems of oppression exist and go unnoticed by the Colonial society, but this is where their criticism of imperialism ends. Intersectionality gives no solutions to the toiling Colonized masses other than reforming the white powered colonial-capitalist-imperialist State that is responsible for creating and sustaining the conditions that cause all of these systems of oppression to thrive and exist in the first place. Intersectionality does not define that this Colonial system can not be reformed and must be overthrown by revolution led by poor and working class Colonized People!

History has informed us that a system that lives and thrives off of genocide and slavery can not be reformed! It must be obliterated and replaced with an Anti-Colonial Revolutionary State of the colonized poor and working-class masses practicing the highest form of freedom: self-determination.

This material anti-colonial revolution of society goes against the individualistic and opportunistic interests of Black and Brown Sellouts aka colonized people who have petty-bourgeois capitalist aspirations, of which ‘intersectional feminists’ make up the leading part. Because intersectionality does not demand a Colonized Poor and Working Class led revolution to end all forms of oppression. Remember it only demands that the imperialist system acknowledges that oppression can be compounded.

“system change will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.”

From intellectual academic Kimberelé Crenshaw, who popularized  ‘Intersectionality,’ to Black Lives Matter Founder Alicia Garza and athlete activist Colin Kaepernick, who have produced careers for themselves off of this ideology, there is an obvious pattern of proclaiming intersectionality as the way to reaching a political consciousness. If a theory doesn’t demand the total overthrow of the White Ruling class and the dictatorship of the Colonized Proletariat then it is a theory that protects the status quo of Colonialism/White Power. At best Intersectionality offers the White Ruling Class a cheat code of how to make oppression more palatable for all sectors of the oppressed Colonized nation. This is why Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris an African-Indian Woman,even though she ran one of the worst campaigns for President in recent history. Maybe in 2024, the Democrats will run an Indigenous Trans Blind Woman to be President of dropping bombs on Colonized people for their resources. This is what an intersectional revolutionary conclusion looks like. Us, being oppressed by someone that may experience compound oppression.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., with Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and other Congressional Democrats, speaks during a news conference to unveil policing reform and equal justice legislation on Capitol Hill, Monday, June 8, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

It should shock no one that ‘Intersectional Feminism’ fails to emphasize capitalism’s parasitic Colonial origin since, without colonialism, the Colonized petty bourgeoisie would not exist. Kimberelé Crenshaw, Alicia Garza, and Colin Kaepernick are only a few examples of people who make up the neocolonial petty bourgeoisie class, which consists of colonized people who sacrifice long-term goals, like freedom, for short-term interests, such as money, fame, and book deals. Their ‘intersectional feminism-ness’ does not challenge or expose their petty-bourgeois aspirations and parasitic relationship to poor African and colonized people. It defends their neocolonial aspirations as being revolutionary because of their intersectional identity.

This petty bourgeoisie class characters are known as individualism and opportunism. This selloutism comes at the expense of working-class colonized people, people who are dominated by imperialism. Such a stance is counterrevolutionary. Intersectionality keeps the Colonized proletariat ignorant of the necessity of our (poor and working class African and Colonized People)  leadership in the revolution. ‘Intersectional feminism’ purposely ignores that we (The Colonized poor and working-class; toiling masses of the world) are at the base of the means of production. It’s not only void of the conversation of the core contradiction of colonialism, but it’s void of the material-economic parasitic relationship that White human beings have with Colonized Human Beings. Intersectionality offers a white trans woman, even the poor white trans woman the arrogance of not understanding that everything they have is based on the oppression of Colonized people worldwide.

Intersectionality, as a theory, does not just keep us blind of the Parasitic relationship White people have with us, but it keeps us blind of the traitorous relationship the Colonized Petty Bourgeoisie has with us as well. Intersectionality allows the petty Bourgeoisie to have us fail to realize that THEY are working directly against our interest as Colonized Poor and Working Class people by them aligning themselves with The White Ruling Class and uniting against the struggle for liberation through anti-colonial revolution lead by the Colonized Proletariat. This is why ‘intersectional feminists’  like Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza can proudly endorse imperialist terrorist Elizabeth Warren and not lose her ‘Intersectional feminist’ status. Instead, Intersectionality informs the African Women that endorsed Elizabeth Warren that her being a woman connected her to their African Woman struggles. Now African Women are being herded like cows to vote for African-Indian Woman Kamala Harris who once herded African Women into prisons.

‘Intersectional feminists’ would have Colonized Women believe that White Women are in sisterhood with Colonized women against patriarchy. However, as Colonized Proletariat with our own theory, we understand that patriarchy is a symptom of colonialism and that there is no such thing as women, gays, trans, and etc  in general; there are humans who are colonized and there are humans who are colonizers.

An artists depiction of the #MeToo movement.

White women, gays, trans and etc are part of the oppressor nation, and as such, have a vested interest in the exploitation and oppression of Colonized people internationally and inside the United Snakes just like their Cis-Straight Male counterparts.

The idea that ALL Women, Queers, and Trans folks are oppressed by patriarchy is a false concept that obscures the colonial question by equating the experiences of white non-straight-cis-men of the oppressor nation to the oppression experienced by Colonized non-straight-cis-men. There is no commonality.

The oppressor white nation, which includes ALL white people, acquires what they have at the expense of Colonized people worldwide. Colonized people’s primary enemy has always been our colonial oppressor—the white imperialist nation—that has held the power over our lives since its first attack on our lands.

British colonizers invading the Americas.

Therefore it is the white imperialist nation who is at fault for and benefits from the contradictions of divisionism which gives birth to horizontal internal community violence that exists in all Colonized communities. These contradictions exist because of colonialism! Intersectionality does not answer the question of how a White person or a Petty Bourgeoisie person can be on the right side of history and join the fight of the oppressed. The only way to rid themselves and the world of their antagonistic existence and rectify the colonial, parasitic relationship between the oppressor/colonizer and the oppressed/colonized is by committing national and/or class suicide. Instead, all Intersectionality demands from these parasites is to acknowledge the existence of different symptoms of colonialism.

Committing national or class suicide and joining the struggle of the oppressed Colonized masses looks different depending on if you are a Colonizer or Colonized. For white people, it entails abandoning their allegiance to the oppressor nation, following the leadership of the Colonized working class, paying reparations for slavery and genocide, and winning other white people to do the same.

For the petty bourgeoisie, it entails strengthening its revolutionary consciousness, rejecting individualism and opportunism, identifying itself with the masses, and forwarding the struggle for anti-colonial liberation.

For the masses, it looks like taking our power back by forwarding the Colonized Proletariat revolution so we can all be free in our lifetime!

An African youth in a market, standing in front of a vegetable stand with a baby on their back.

Colonized people have been resisting since the European assault on the world which includes the so-called Americas, and colonized nations around the world. Imperialism is in crisis! White power is dying. We cannot hold to a theory like Intersectionality which is abstract of the material reality to where we are and how we got here and where we need to go to free ourselves from material want. This is why the Colonized proletariat must only subscribe to our own philosophy that stems from the requirements that history imposes on us.

Assata Shakur  once said, ““Before going back to college, i knew i didn’t want to be an intellectual, spending my life in books and libraries without knowing what the hell is going on in the streets. Theory without practice is just as incomplete as practice without theory. The two have to go together.”

A picture of Assata Shakur in Havana Cuba

The Black Hammer Organization is made up of all Colonized Nations including every sector that exists within those colonized nations, that work together to win the revolution. Because we are guided by the second pillar in our theory; #2. We believe all Colonized Proletariat are equal; no matter gender, sexuality, age, body type, location, religion, language, mental/physical differences, and/or bi/multiracial identity. “The colonial, white power system is notoriously known for creating divisive, illegitimate labels to have Colonized people fight amongst ourselves while it continues to exploit us for its own benefit. Black Hammer accepts all Colonized working-class people and believes we are equal. Any action or rhetoric that goes against that notion is an attack on the organization and our ability to be a liberated people. Period!”

A group of Black Hammer organizers.

Join an Organization that will have you feel that you are actually making a positive change in the world and forwarding our people to freedom. Rather than attaching yourself to movements that have you like a dog chasing leaves in the wind thinking it’s a bird . . . or the root to the problem.

Land Back!

Smash Liberal Theory!

Build Theory Informed by Practice!

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