Africans protest racist conditions produced by Zionist in occupied Palestine.

Zionism’s Shrewd Manipulation of African Movements

The conscious African activist community is reacting today to the announcement that Alicia Garza – one of the original spokespersons for the rising Black Lives Matter movement in 2014 – has accepted an invitation to speak at a so-called “Jewish Values International Awards dinner during February of 2021.  To the untrained eye, it’s probably somewhat difficult to ascertain why anyone would be concerned about Garza’s (or any African) invitation to an event which claims to assert “Jewish values” and the promotion of “Black/Jewish relationships?”

The answer is there are many of us who understand the clear and undeniable difference between zionism the political movement and Judaism the honored and respected form of spiritual worship.  Judaism is an honored faith that has clear origins connected to Africa.  The original Jewish people were the Falasha Jews who existed in the Eastern region of Africa known as Ethiopia today.  It’s the Falasha who are the people referenced in the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis.  In the old testament, Ethiopia is called Kush or Cush which when translated to English references “burnt faces.”  The Bible, in its last book – the book of Revelations – confirms this history when describing Jesus as a person with skin of bronze and woolly hair.  None of this permits us to say exactly what “race” Jesus was, but this history certainly confirms that Jesus was unquestionably not a European.  And, the reason this fact is relevant to this discussion is because today, Ashkenazi Jews – European descended Jews – are perceived by most people in the world as the only actual manifestation of Judaism.

None of this dominant and erroneous perception of Judaism and European Jews is by accident.  We want to make it clear that without question, there are plenty of Europeans who are honest and committed Jews.  Our point is to clarify that Jews, like Christians, Muslims, and all forms of honored spiritual worship, consists of people from all nations and all nationalities, races, etc.  The confusion has been generated by the zionist movement.  Despite the concerted efforts by zionists to convince you that Judaism and zionism are one and the same, we concretely and wholeheartedly reject this ahistorical and dishonest notion.

Unlike Judaism, which is an honored form of faith and worship of thousands of years which has unquestionable history and links to Africa, zionism is a strictly political movement which has a 124 year history of existence.  The zionist movement started with a conference in Switzerland in 1897 that was convened by people like Theodore Herzl who admittedly didn’t even believe in God.  The objective of these people was to steal a land base that they could utilize to create into a political and economic power.  The argument they advance today that the “Holy land” of occupied Palestine was always their objective is destroyed by the reality that Palestine wasn’t even the original focus these zionists laid their eyes upon to serve as their “Jewish country.”  These people had many choices; Venezuela and Uganda among them.  Eventually, they decided upon Palestine because of its clear geo-political strategic location in the Middle East.  Its location as a key route for international shipping and having a European country loyal to international imperialism in the middle of the Arab world were compelling reasons to refocus the zionist objective on Palestine.  The shield of Judaism was adopted to justify the theft of Palestine from the Palestinian people under the guise that Palestine needed to be returned to the Jews as a homeland after the Nazi orchestrated holocaust in Europe in the 1930s and 40s.

In 1948 and beyond, zionist Israel has overtaken Palestine, displaced large segments of the Palestinian people outside of Palestine, and relegated the remaining Palestinians to specific territories within the now occupied Palestine; primarily the West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza Strip.  And, the international community, meaning most governments, the United Nations, etc., in the aftermath of the world grieving the senseless loss of millions of lives in Europe from the holocaust, immediately fell for this ruse carried out by these opportunist zionists to support the establishment and upliftment of the zionist regime on Palestinian land.

And, a major portion of that ruse was the zionist movements calculated manipulation of African people all over the world to develop a support network for their illegal and immoral opportunism.  Its also important to recognize that these people have always demonstrated no problem with adopting opportunism whenever it serves their interests.  The World Zionist Congress (WZC), an organization that developed after the 1897 conference to carry out the objective of creating the zionist state of Israel, threw morality out the window in searching for traction to achieve its objective.  Its tactics included lobbying European countries to support the development of the state of Israel.  They did this by appealing to the fears of these countries.  The legitimate oppression genuine Jews experienced throughout Europe inspired many European Jews to relate to developing socialist parties throughout Europe after the success of the Bolshevik uprising in Russia in October of 1917.  Using the fear European governments had of the rising support for socialist parties throughout Europe in the early part of the 20th century, the WZC encouraged these governments to push their Jewish populations towards supporting the establishment of the state of Israel as a way for these European governments to rid themselves of their unwanted Jews. The “push” was intensifying oppression against Jews in Europe to facilitate them wanting their “own country.” Governments lobbied by the WZC included governments that brutally oppressed and murdered Jews before, during, and after the holocaust like France, Italy, and yes – Germany, including the Third Reich regime of Adolf Hitler.

Clearly, a movement based upon justice can never cut deals with the forces that oppress their people, especially when those deals are designed to increase repression against the people in order to hurry along a political objective.  Yet that’s exactly what the zionist movement did and its what it continued to do by manipulating African movements for justice against white supremacy.

In the 1920s, Claim Weizman had taken over the leadership of the WZC.  He played a significant role in linking the growing zionist movement to the racist apartheid regime in Azania, or the country widely known by its colonial name – South Africa.  This budding relationship evolved to the point where Jan Smuts, the Prime Minister of racist South Africa, appealed to Lord Balfour in Britain on behalf of Weizman and the WZC to have the good lord declare Palestine as Israel in 1917.  This immoral scam was certified by the entire imperialist world.  And, all of this was accomplished with a backdrop of the WZC claiming principles based on justice for all of humanity.  So, a movement structured on theft of land gathered international support through a lie of being based in principles of justice.  And, this movement utilized the declaration of the leadership of Britain, which held no moral and/or legal authority over Palestine, to claim just rights to Palestinian people’s lands.  Another element of work Weizman led the WZC through was to manipulate the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to organize and financially sponsor a national speaking drive for Weizman in the 1920s to travel around the U.S. speaking to African churches and community groups, fundraising for the zionist effort.  The basis of this manipulation was the shrewd methodology zionism used to appeal to the emotional desires of the African masses to achieve freedom.  Without question, the African masses, stolen from Africa and brutally exploited by white supremacy in the capitalist U.S. under Jim Crow segregation, etc., understood better than most people, certainly these zionists, the just meaning of the term zion.  It’s a Biblical term meaning “to return home.”  Who had a better connection to this concept than the kidnapped African masses?  Even if many of our people are still confused about this today, our point is the zionists understand this emotional desire and they exploited it ruthlessly.  They understood that even the Honorable Marcus Garvey had spoken of his support for the budding zionist movement due to his confusion in accepting them as a legitimate national liberation movement.  What we didn’t realize 100 years ago was that national liberation can never happen on stolen land.  Many of us still remain confused by this today.  And, a large part of why that confusion continues to manifest itself is because of the ability of the zionist movement to portray itself as a legitimate national liberation force similar to our quest to achieve one unified socialist Africa, Irish efforts to reclaim Ireland, and the just struggles of the Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere to achieve self-determination.  This trick has been successful for over a century.  Besides manipulation of our emotions and our finances in the 1920s, zionist sabotage designed to use the African masses continued.  In the 1960s, zionism convinced the leadership of the African civil rights movement in the U.S. to form a group dedicated to supporting zionism.  That group was named Black Americans in Support of Israel Committee or BASIC.  Principled individuals such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., served as BASIC leadership.  It was not until Kwame Ture, as chair of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) articulated SNCC’s support for the Palestine Liberation Organization in the 1967 war with Israel that the stronghold of zionist control over African interpretation of the zionist movement was broken.  SNCC was not the first organization.  It must be stated that even during the 1940s, the Nation of Islam was expressing anti-zionist views and it was in fact former Nation of Islam members, primarily Ms. Ethel Minor, who after leaving the Nation and joining SNCC, began to help SNCC develop its strong anti-zionist position that disrupted zionist manipulation of African movements.

​So, the groundwork that created today’s reality where Alicia Garza is speaking at an event organized by a clear pro-zionist organization is not new.  The fact zionism can turn around the thinking of someone like Ice Cube who rapped some of the best anti-zionist lyrics in any hip/hop songs in the 90s into having him speak at pro-zionist events in 2021 should not surprise anyone who knows this history of zionist manipulation of our people.  What’s important is that we recognize some ill refutable facts.  Zionism and Judaism are not the same.  Regardless of how much zionists try to tell you they are, they aren’t.  Judaism is historically linked in origin to Africa.  This is unquestionable and it clarifies that the people known as Jews today do not represent the entire history of Judaism as an honored faith and practice.  And, finally, the theft of Palestine to create the state of Israel is a crime against humanity.  The Palestinians and the holocaust are two completely separate realities that have nothing to do with one another.  If the descendants and survivors of the holocaust have a legitimate beef, which they unquestionably do, that beef is with Europe, led by Germany.  Not the Palestinians and their homeland in the Middle East.  Israel is an illegal settler-colony, no different than the illegal settler colonies in Zimbabwe, Azania (South Africa) Australia, and yes, the U.S. and Canada.  No justice can exist on stolen land.  Zionism, despite its continuous efforts to keep everyone confused, must be destroyed.  The Palestinian people, like the Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.  The people of Ireland, and the masses of Africans everywhere, must get their lands back!

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Ahjamu Umi is revolutionary organizer with the All African People's Revolutionary Party, adviser, and liberation literature author.