Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks next to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during the 2018 Beijing Summit Of The Forum On China-Africa Cooperation
Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks next to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during the 2018 Beijing Summit Of The Forum On China-Africa Cooperation - Round Table Conference at at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 4, 2018 in Beijing, China. Lintao Zhang

No, China is not colonizing Africa.

In the summer of 2017, then mayor of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Youri Chevry, was in discussion with two Chinese-based firms. The two firms offered the mayor a multi-billion dollar deal that would build much-needed infrastructure, including roadway, water distribution networks, a sewage system, a new reconstructed town hall, and a market space. 

The president of Haiti and united snakes lapdog, Jovenel Moïse, killed the deal. Instead, Moïse publicly announced his commitment to Taiwan, a strong united snakes ally with a growing anti-China movement. Moïse then turned around and accepted a deal with Taiwan worth $150 million to “upgrade Haiti’s rural electric grid.”

What has happened to Port-au-Prince’s infrastructure? Nothing.

What this example in Haiti exposes is a myth that China is going around to other colonized nations, particularly Africa, and colonizing said nations. That is simply not true. The myth centers on this propaganda spread by the colonizer nations called China’s “debt trap.” China apparently comes to a poor colonized nation and offers them giant loans for infrastructure. In return, that poor colonized nation offers China its natural resources and eventually defaults on its loan. The most visible figures spreading these lies include colonizers like hillary kkklinton, former secretary of state, mike pompeo. But let’s not forget all white leftists online whose anti-China opinions are handed to them by the u.s. state department. Talk about “pro-African”. 

Yet, there has not been an example of a ‘debt trap’ ever activating that anyone of these people can point to. The closest example of a ‘debt trap’ was a rumor that began in 2018 stating that Kenya’s Mombasa Port was in danger of being taken by China because Kenya could not keep up with payments. Nearly 3 years later, that has yet to happen. The other example of a ‘debt trap’ took place in Sri Lanka. Except, again, there was no ‘debt trap.’

What these colonizers try to frame as debt diplomacy is really China exhibiting Colonized unity, and it scares the empire. It scares them so much they project and propagate their own imperialist motives to divide our people. China isn’t Colonizing Africa. China is exhibiting Colonized unity on a global scale. The same Colonized unity that resulted in the Sino-Soviet split. The same Colonized unity that is helping African nations build the infrastructure they need by canceling debt and offering more grants like they just did in Rwanda. Colonized unity scares the empire, so they do the only thing they can—lie.

What is actually happening is that, globally, China’s influence and reputation has been growing while the united snake’s influence and reputation has been decreasing. China is coming to Africa with mutually beneficial deals. The united snakes come to Africa with drones, dropping bombs on innocent children. During the first early months of the global Coronavirus crisis, the united snakes was murdering children in Somalia. Meanwhile, China was sending much-needed PPE to Africa.  

Of course, there are contradictions with China’s dealings with Africa. On the ground, many poor and working-class Africans are being met with anti-African sentiments, but we know that is a colonial contradiction not a Chinese one. There are rumors that sometimes the African people are left out of their nations’ deals with China. But that is not the fault of China; that is the fault of sell-out neo-colonial leaders, and even then, this graphic shows that labor isn’t outsourced in these projects anyways. 

A graphic showing the percentage of local employees for Chinese projects in Africa.

That is just another lie propagated from the colony.

As Commander Gazi has said before, Venezuela and Cuba have done extensive deals with China, yet no one can argue either nation is being ‘colonized’ by China. Why? Because both countries’ governments answer to their people. In Africa, that can rarely be said due to neo-colonialism.

Black Hammer knows that it is inevitable that the poor and working-class masses of Africans, wherever they may be located, will unite with one another as well as with other Colonized Nations in order to build a political apparatus that answers to its people. Join Black Hammer today to help that come true.

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