Joe Biden at a Senate hearing

Joe Biden Is a White Supremacist

You read the title correctly. Joe Biden is a white supremacist and much more effective at it like most Democrats are. We could look at Joe’s 49-year political career, or we could start with the presidential primaries. Either way, Joe is the same white supremacist he’s always been. But he’s “not Trump,” and he’s a Democrat, so he doesn’t receive the vitriol he most certainly deserves. I thought we were supposed to hold him accountable when he got in office. Let’s be very clear that Joe Biden is, in fact, Donald Trump — no, he’s worse. If you like your racism nicely packaged, just say that. But stop lying about Joe’s role in white supremacy because he’s a Democrat. Because I’d be here all day, I’ll start with the presidential primaries which Joe was losing until some calls were made. Liberals, strap yourselves in, hold on to your seats, do whatever it is that you need to do to come to terms with the truth about the diet Republican Party. Hello to my fellow comrades.

Joe Biden was not favored during the primaries. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the first and second choices, respectively. Joe ranked  either fourth or fifth in the field of candidates. Sanders and Warren were winning because they appealed to young voters to raise the minimum wage, student loan debt cancellation, and marijuana legalization. Biden didn’t have much support, not even from Black liberals’ forever loyal to president Barack Obama. One would ask why Obama didn’t jump at the opportunity to endorse his former VP of eight years. His response was, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f — — things up” (Colson, 2020). How much more could Biden f — — things up than Obama did? Obama expanded AFRICOM (United States African Command) that furthered settler-colonialism and neocolonialism in Africa, bombed Somalia and Libya in addition to five other countries, deported 3 million people, backed a right-wing coup in Honduras, suppressed minimum wage in Haiti along with Hillary Clinton from going from 21 cents/hour to 63 cents/hour, asked for a cup of water at a Flint conference addressing the water crisis, and signed a “Blue Alert” law to protect the police amongst many other problematic issues.

Biden has been no different in his 46 days as the 46th president of the united states. So far he reopened and expanded Trump’s kids in cages that were started during the Bush administration and opened under Obama, but he calls it a “migrant facility for children”. He deported over 22,000 people, and to countries, they’re not from, he’s on his way to deporting 100,000 people more than Trump in his first year of presidency, bombed Somalia and Libya, illegally bombed Syria because the Saudi prince killed one person and decided not to penalize the prince over “relations breach”, backed unpopular presidents in Haiti and Venezuela, approved $285M for Raytheon, approved $750M in grants to police in the George Floyd Act to “investigate themselves”, doesn’t support Medicare For All although his son didn’t have healthcare, squashed his promise of $15/hour minimum wage, lied about $2000 checks for voters winning the Georgia senate, lied about canceling $50,000 and $10,000 student loan debt, and is giving less Americans stimulus checks than Trump. Obama and Biden are a match made in heaven for maintaining the status-quo of the u.s. empire and a match made in hell for the destabilization of the global south.

Voters started to lose hope in Sanders’ ability to push through the primaries because of his health. Warren was next in line, but she was not as progressive as him. According to an unnamed friend, Obama had four long conversations with Sanders and convinced him to drop out and endorse Biden (Thrush, 2020). Biden was still unfavorable amongst young voters and Black voters even after frontrunner status in the primaries. We were reminded of his austerity and fascist and imperialist policies as senator of Delaware and his hand in the 1994 crime bill. During his campaign, Biden began pandering to Black voters and had nothing sufficient to say about what he’d do for Black Americans. The bottom line was, “you’re not Black if you don’t vote for him”. Black voters were right to criticize Biden and ask what they’d get in return for their vote, but once he picked the first Black woman VP, they were told to shut the f — — up by the Black petit-bourgeoisie. Literally. Ava DuVernay penned an open letter on Instagram with the comments off that said a bunch of nonsense about what Biden “didn’t” do, how he’s not Trump, and that she didn’t care what Kamala Harris’ past was. The end goal was to get them in office and hold them accountable. We see how that’s been going.

Every time people try to hold Biden and Democrats accountable, they are told he’s not Trump, and it hasn’t been 100 days. Excuses are being made for Democrats that liberals would have a melt down over Republicans doing. Liberals don’t think twice about the process Republicans go through when they pass fascist policies but Democrats “need time” or “progressive” Dems have to be voted in. Voters tossed the ball in Democrats’ court to secure majority in Congress, and they didn’t even bother to catch it during legislation. They purposely didn’t bring witnesses up during the decision to send Trump to trial. Some of them voted against moderate legislation that they advocated for re: Krysten Sinema. Eight Democrats voted against the $15/hour minimum wage; so we have to worry about Republicans AND moderate Democrats? Just like Dems didn’t bother to catch the ball during Obama’s administration and purposely lost in the midterms, the same thing is going to happen in 2022.

At what point do people be real with themselves and realize that politicians serve the ruling class and their only job is to maintain the status quo of the u. s. empire? The fact that a country that runs on being democratic has their democracy up for grabs every two and four years in absurd. The fact that Black people are the ones saving this “democracy” but don’t have material conditions to show for it is absurd. And the fact that people even have to vote to be given livability and survivability is sick behavior. Liberals need to stop that “red state vs blue state” bull crap. Both color states are committing fascism against Americans. Perfect examples are Andrew Cuomo lying about COVID nursing home deaths and covering it up and Lori Lightfoot pushing to fully open Chicago schools and threatening to fire teachers if they don’t show up to work. Cuomo wrote a book about how he had COVID under control while the numbers were skyrocketing and he was lying about numbers. Lightfoot gave majority of the COVID relief money to the police. But red states, right? They’re so loud about their fascism and liberals need their fascism to be nicely packaged. People don’t deserve to die regardless of what color their state is but scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds—shoutout to whoever made that quote.