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Nancy Pelosi Can Go Fuck Herself For Real

Nancy Pelosi can go fuck herself

Imma keep this short. Americans are some sick fucking people. 

As a guilty verdict came down on Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, the European settlers that call themselves “Americans”, not only revealed once again that they believe in this settler colony they call home, but they continue to lack the ability to build and maintain it without the economic, psychological, physical and spiritual theft of other people. This has never been communicated by anyone more effectively than Nancy Pelosi in her comments following the announcement of the verdict: 

“Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice.” 

At her core, Nancy Pelosi is a piece of shit, so nothing she ever does surprises me. But I must admit, this is definitely among her greatest hits. 

I hope that all African people in “America” really understand the weight of our current situation. We live in the core of the most destructive science fair project ever made. The cost of the creation of this place has meant colonization, dispossession, chattel slavery, nuclear war, genocide, and climate catastrophe. The United States is always at war— whether using police, drones, or economic sanctions— and whether on its internal colonies like Indigenous and Black communities or the people of Haiti or Afghanistan. Yet, the European settlers, who descend from people who took this land by blood and force, believe that they have stumbled on to a “fixer upper.” A steal! A place that with a little bit of paint and love, can become the home of their dreams. They don’t care that the original inhabitants of the place would actually like it back. Or that it’s actually not coming together, just falling apart. They don’t care that the help they stole to fix it remains dying in the basement. In their minds, one day their house will be a home. They will never give it back. 

For being there to call out to your mom — how heartbreaking was that — call out for your mom, ‘I can’t breathe,’”

To many of those chasing this American Dream, the deaths of African people are bitcoin. We are stocks. We are talking points. We are Netflix story lines. We are advertising revenue. We are marketing budgets. We are the kind of porn they get off to at night. And we can never ever be free as long as this deeply psychologically twisted project continues. Nancy Pelosi’s remarks should remind us that for the ruling class, we deserve to die. We have to die. 

We need to be perfectly clear, George Floyed did not sacrifice his life to feed this American delusion. No one who has ever died of anti-blackness on this stolen land did either. Not our family and friends lost to COVID-19, the lack of PPE and financial support. Not the elders we’ve lost in the prisons. Not the cousins we’ve lost to gun violence. None of them. Fuck this country and fuck Nancy Pelosi and fuck Joe Biden and fuck Kamala Harris and fuck Hilary Clinton and fuck Barack Obama. Fuck any and everybody that has ever attempted to give our hand in marriage to this nightmare of a fucking reality. 

This place is going to kill us and we have to move like we understand that we are at war. We have to declare our freedom. I will never die for this country. I will never fight any of its wars. I will never salute it’s flag. I will never sing it’s anthem. I will never die for this country. But we should live for our people. And what gives us life is strong organization. Strong community defense programs. We must free our political prisoners. We need collaborative community gardens. We need community housing projects. Relevant political education programs that study strong blueprints. Efficient security logistics. Intentional international coalitions. Safe healing spaces. A commitment to accountability. The will to reduce our community’s dependence on the state, and an unwavering belief that we can do what must be done after that. Babylon will fall and we have to survive it!

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Salifu Mack is a Pan-Africanist and organizer with the All-African People's Revolutionary Party and the Lowcountry Action Committee in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

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