Black hands clasped together to say unity is accountability

The Art of Accountability

The art of accountability relies on consistency & integrity. Without consistency, there can be no standard. Without integrity, there can be no honor. As a collective it is imperative for a people to have an honorable merit of excellency that is most beneficial to the whole. 

Western society encourages us to live carefree as individuals. To separate our connections to one another & sever how we are tethered to/by actions that are not our own. If that reality were to be true, none of us would be here today. 

As a people, we must have the courage to take on the responsibility of accountability. To speak truth & not only stand by it but to embody truth in our experience. To hold each other to a standard of morals & ethics that are in alignment with MA’AT. To not hold each other accountable is to disrespect & dishonor our ancestors. We cannot be afraid to be held accountable and we cannot allow ego to overshadow the superiority of the group’s power. Ego can only go so far as the individual’s power can take it. Yet, the individual’s power is dependent on the power of the collective. The paradox is that the group’s power is only as strong as the power of each of the individuals. Therefore, it is imperative that we hold one another accountable so that we can each have the opportunity to reach our maximum potential as an individual along with the elevation of our people. 

With an understanding of the Zulu phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” (a person is a person through other people), we under/overstand that the village that rears a child is inherently raising the village & its vitality. We must embrace an unyielding fidelity to a philosophy of fundamentals with virtue & honor that stipulate a consistency of material & spiritual evolution that leads to the manifestation of a civilization that we deem worthy of those yet to ascend to the mundane and in doing so, we will remove ourselves from the shackles of decadent barbarism to, the misnomer of the western world, a real civilization. 

If we want to see this ‘real civilization’ into fruition then we must take an oath to “keep the people,” which means to protect & promote the welfare of the people. Without the love & care of accountability, how can we ever progress? & if we don’t hold ourselves accountable, how can we hold those that violate our very existence & being accountable? Holding each other accountable is care. Holding each other accountable is to care. Holding each other accountable is love. Accountability is law. 


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Writer, scholar, educator and full time creative. Omowale has dedicated his life to Afrikan liberation through Afrikan-centered education; teaching humanities and math to all grade levels. Omowale is currently a member of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, We Charge Colonialism and is a co-founder of Unlocked: The Black Curriculum.