there's fires to start

There’s Fires to Start

i say my free time belongs to the people then
my graduate thesis deadline sucks its teeth
masochistic interpretations of success breeds scholarship
private property did a number on our humanity
capitalism fashioned platforms out of protest posters
podiums don’t belong next to gasoline canisters
so soon as you stop smelling smoke
it’s time to turn around carefully
can’t lead the people from behind them
but a leader not chosen by the people is a president
a press tour staked on the bloody backs of black babies is treason
my headache is work-life-balance induced
timesheet’s greatest trick was convincing us work was not life
and we clock into cubicles shaped like coffins
and uniforms differentiate us from the living
what kinda questions would we ask if our friends
exploited our labor like our boss does
i’m either outta patience or perfectly unsure of myself
does my family still love me even though i refused to vote
is the shoreline rising like a nervous hand during an earthquake
or is it just time for me to put this whiskey glass down
are my questions proof of curiosity or avoidance techniques
where did all the time go
what happened to summer
was it ever more than a good excuse to get arrested
under the false pretenses of poor planning
how much more is there to say until we shoot back
did you know despite news media mythology cops bleed like pigs
rumor has it politicians don’t take too kindly to paper cuts
or other proof that they are still alive.

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Darius Simpson is a writer, educator, performer, and skilled living room dancer from Akron, Ohio. His work has appeared in New Ohio Review, The Adroit Journal, Crab Creek Review, and others. Darius believes in the dissolution of empire and the total liberation of all Afrikans by any means available.