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Marilyn Mosby and Identity Politics

Hood Communist Radio - Marilyn Mosby and Identity Politics

In light of the recent events surrounding Marilyn Mosby, the self-proclaimed “progressive prosecutor” in Baltimore, Hood Communist sat down with three women from Baltimore determined to set the record straight. In our first episode, we talk to Bilphena Yahwon, Babara Sherrod, and Bry Reed about how petty bourgeois African women like Marilyn Mosby weaponize identity politics by taking it out of the radical context it was created. 

Check it out below. A full transcript will be available soon!

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“To educate the masses politically does not mean, cannot mean, making a political speech. What it means is to try, relentlessly and passionately, to teach the masses that everything depends on them; that if we stagnate it is their responsibility, and that if we go forward it is due to them too, that there is no such thing as a demiurge, that there is no famous man who will take the responsibility for everything, but that the demiurge is the people themselves and the magic hands are finally only the hands of the people.”
― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

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