An African holds a sign that says "Black Lives Matter"

The Politician

The Politician is our organizer, activist, and freedom fighter. She is our mother, daughter, sibling, and compatriot. She walks behind, beside, and in front of us. She sets the pace and brings up the rear. She claims to be a servant, but we know her as much more than a servant of the people. She is our light in the dark. She illuminates the path we follow.

She doesn’t like being called “politician”, but she is our politician nonetheless. She’s not against politics; she just doesn’t like the political games the capitalists play. She calls them Poli-tricks and refuses to choose between scoundrels, thieves, and con-men. She says, “The lesser of two evils is not a choice that righteous people make. One is only lesser evil because the other is in power. Lesser becomes greater when it wins. Greater and lesser evil are both evil!” Her politics defend our collective interests. Her politics and the politics of the systems that oppress us, are two different things.”

Because she is not wealthy or famous she is looked upon with scorn and disdain by her peers living on credit.  Her living culture sits at the base of brutal world order. Her global African nation is a neocolonial mess. Capital surrounds her. It tries to bribe, isolate, imprison or kill her. Her ancestors were objects used to profit and pleasure others. The resistance of generations, past and not yet born, fix her spirit on revolution.

She organizes the youth, infirm, elders, and poor. She serves the workers, traders, artists, educators, families, communities, and nations. She spearheads the gender/class struggle and fights for women’s rights and gender justice as human rights. Above all else, as a matter of principle, she is a humanist, fighting on our behalf, and serving humanity in general. She is a revolutionary politician! She stands on all battlefields, engages in layers of combat, and boldly confronts all contradictions. She is the warrior who knows no fear.

Because she cannot win her war alone, she reproduces herself, multiplies peers, and accelerates the development of others. If she does not multiply she will die, her revolution will die. If she does not reproduce new people, the internal demons will rise, and her People will be consumed by the new-colonial monster.

She fights. She is at war! Her Pan-African dreams will be made real by winning the war. The Industrial-Police/Military-Intelligence Complex (IPIC) will only be smashed by winning the war. She works to destroy capitalism and imperialism. Our enemy is her enemy.

We produced her from the human rubbish capitalism made of us. She rose, against all odds, to meet the challenges of her time. She rose from the filth, oppression, abuse, and exploitation, to pursue the People’s needs and aspirations. She is our conscience, the revolutionary who never fails to remind us that, “EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL!”

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Profession: Muralist/Artist, Writer, Poet, Lecturer Politics: Revolutionary Pan-Africanist and cadre in the All African People's Revolutionary Party Interests: Africa, Culture, Philosophies of Liberation Studies: Advanced Revolutionary Thought Mission: One Love!