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Who Will Survive North AmeriKKKa

I am Trayvon back home, I am Pazo here

after Trayvon and Pazo

How could KKKanada not be racist?
it has the same father as AmeriKKKa
these siblings lie next to each other
rooted in imperialism and land theft

as long as the colonizers get along
then those bathing in bleached privilege are pleased
we must remember the intentions of bleach
a chemical warfare to remove all color
“Better than The States”, should never be the standard
especially when Anti-Blackness is rampant in North AmeriKKKa
I am Trayvon back home, I am Pazo here
I fight injustice everywhere.
since the shit never seems to escape my people
reconciliation cannot begin until truth is accepted
until melanated women stop going missing at midnight
until every Afrikan is liberated without capitalism
until that day,
Eye. You. WE.
WE, must continue to resist

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Chris L. Butler is a Pan Afrikan poet, essayist, and organizer from Philadelphia, PA living in Canada. He is committed to the path of liberation to self-determination of all Afrikan peoples. You can read his words in Trampset Magazine, The Bayou Review, Perhappened, and others.

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