An NYPD car on fire.
Savage like Augusta, lifting every voice… Calls for abolition, the only ring we’ll give amerika.
 Black Radical type-beat 
Marching for lives 6 feet deep/Reclaiming streets, social protests at 6 feet/(abolish the $6B) 
<666> remind me to play those numbers 
Miranda’s never Right, i got a right to 
When Black trans women are killed and 
Blackfishers are silent. Who puts trust in a system that legalized enslavement? Desecrating Native land for ugly ass pavement. Babies locked in cages under “In God We Trust.” 
AHT AHT if he’s OK with that, we’ll abolish his ass too 
Back to U, S A 
Entranced by Friesian 
Horse Shit 
Horse Shit 
Horse Shit 
Like Patti Smith say. 
July 4-we halt “celebration” for liberation 
If only one side is free, shit, that’s still segregation 
If only one side is free, what’s the price for the rest of this nation?
Only a middleman, but starting to lose patience, (Year 1804, try told them that i’m Haitian) 
If only one side is free, 
Than thou must be making bucks. Stealin food ‘cause you hungry??? 
Why they try to lock you up? 
Might not even see the jail, should your bacon grow a badge. Won’t be saved by your vote for the Elephant or Ass 
Our ¢hange will soon come 
Through revolution from the mass
 We’ll bring the receipts and take our reparations cash. 

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Rhamier Shaka Balagoon (F.K.A. Rhamier Auguste) is a cultural worker, community intellectual and organizer based in New York City. They are a member of the Black Alliance for Peace where they are a core member of the local city alliance and a member of the Research and Political Education team.