Migrants in the rubble of a detention center in Tajoura, Libya, after it was hit by an airstrike that killed dozens of people.
Migrants in the rubble of a detention center in Tajoura, Libya, after it was hit by a NATO airstrike that killed dozens of people.

Why the US Invaded Libya

This statement was originally given in 2011, on the eve of the US and NATO orchestrated invasion of Libya, by Imole Oyelami Mosi Secka on behalf of the Pan African Improvement Organisation based in Ghana. We are reprinting it because the analysis provided within is still extremely important for Africans resisting imperialism around the world to understand. We failed Libya. We can not fail all of Africa. Shut down AFRICOM.

Economic basis for invasion

Africa is facing a criminal imperialist invasion of Libya, led by the foremost neo colonialist in Africa, the United States, and organized under the US Africa Command (Africom) and a 28 European nation military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This invasion is a desperate attempt to slow down the inevitable and rapidly approaching collapse of the American economy with its increasingly frequent economic crisis, recessions, and uncontrollable debt of $14.3 trillion dollars; which they can never pay. This eminent collapse can be seen when we contrast the 1950’s and the anti communist House Committee on Un-American Activities mandated under Public Law 601 during the McCarthy era and “Red Scare,” in which America arrested and destroyed its own settler colonial citizens for being labeled communist affiliated and attempted to militarily overthrow foreign governments like the US embargo of China in 1950 under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

These policies contrast sharply from today in 2011, with America’s largest creditor being the Communist Party of China, which America owes nearly two trillion dollars (US Department of Treasury, 2011) and seeks to borrow more money and go into further debt; with China dominating the balance of trade between the two countries leading with $182.965 billion to America’s $49.553 billion from January to June of 2011 (US Census Bureau, Foreign Trade).

According to the World Fact Book, 28 NATO countries owe foreign debts of a massive $48.74 trillion dollars, while 53 African Union Countries owe merely $338 billion dollars (World Development Indicators, World Bank).

From this we can discover the economic motive of NATO is to break through Libyan security and capture its massive oil resources to fuel its invasion of Africa in order to accelerate the robbery and exploitation of Africa by military means to alleviate their overwhelming debt, while crushing Libya’s major moves for African economic independence.

America has calculated this as the only way to forestall China’s influence and economic domination over them, block Chinese competition in Africa for resources, and to inject wealth into their economy which is like murdering an innocent healthy person to take their blood and inject it into a dying corpse. This is the new phase of neo-colonialism.

Action with thought

Africans worldwide must now mobilize and organize to confront and defeat America’s invasion of Libya at this historic point in history to accelerate Africa’s liberation, economic independence, and unity.

We are calling on all Africans in every country in Africa and throughout the African world to confront American imperialism with demonstrations and “positive action” at every U.S. embassy in the world as a demonstration of power and unity on the 102nd birthday of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, the greatest African of the 20th century; the day is 21st September 2011. Osagyefo spent time in England and discovered its weak economy following World War II, then planned a political strategy with an economic offensive of boycotts, strikes, and demonstrations, “positive action,” to cripple England and win independence for Ghana on 6th March 1957.

Today America’s economy is weak and in the spirit of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, we are calling on Africans to demonstrate, strike, and boycott, on 21st September 2011, in solidarity with Libya’s armed resistance, to win total independence for Africa. We are also calling on the African Union to break all military pacts with NATO countries. We are calling on all Africans to “confiscate all assets” of NATO countries. We appeal to all the governments of the world that are against US/NATO hegemony, murder and pillage, to heed to the demand of the masses and apply economic sanctions on America and NATO countries to put a stop their madness.

This can be done by in blocks like the African Union, Non Aligned Movement, Group of 77, Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and other regional and international groupings. Power comes from the organized working masses of the people and their labor, not the capitalist class and their dependence on disorganizing and exploiting the working masses labor for profit to maintain power.

Africa at a crossroad

Today Africa is at a crossroads facing, on the one hand, America’s Africa Command and US/NATO military occupation to further entrench neo colonialism. If successful, this will result in increased theft of Africa’s resources by the European capitalist class, greater exploitation of the African working masses, and the re-enforcement and strengthening of white supremacy in Africa.

On the other hand, Africa faces the very real prospect of a military victory in Libya, the acceleration of a United States of Africa, the seizure of control over Africa’s resources and economy by the working masses under socialism, and the emergence of the African personality on the world stage.

Defend liberated zones

Libya is a “liberated zone” based on Kwame Nkrumah’s criteria from the zonal analysis in his book, “Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare.” Libya therefore represents Africa’s future as a free and liberated continent. Libya secured its independence in 1969 by mass, anti imperialist armed struggle to bring a revolutionary and socialist Jamahiriya ‘authority of the masses’ to power. The puppet neo colonial monarch, King Idriss, was overthrown by force. Economic development, education, health care, housing, infrastructure, and human development were accelerated, with Libya having the highest living standard in Africa.

Libya is totally independent of foreign economic interest. It has an independent ideology, outlined in the Green Book, and therefore the Libyan masses and leadership think for themselves. Libya is leading the movement to establish an African Continental Government, with continental institutions like the African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank to establish a common gold currency, African Investment Bank, and African High Command.

These institutions are being established and fueled by Libyan oil revenues to take economic control over Africa by Africans and to defeat American neo colonialism; the last stage of imperialism, once and for all. Therefore, it is the sacred responsibility of every African to defend Libya to ensure a future of freedom and dignity for the generations of Africa, yet to be born. Now is the time!


Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah succeeded in establishing a Pan Africanist and Socialist Republic of Ghana on 1st July 1960 with an 88% vote in a plebiscite and then with an unprecedented 99% vote in a referendum in 1964 (African Elections Database), this mass revolutionary policy was consolidated one year after declaring Ghana a Pan Africanist state with the declaration of the Union of African States on 1st July 1961, with Ghana, Guinea, and Mali creating a nucleus for the formation of a continental government for Africa.

Today Qathafi is continuing the process by establishing socialism and taking control of the Libya’s resources, expelling the US, UK, and Italian military bases from Libya, supporting liberation movements in Africa and throughout the world, ceding total power to the masses of the people in 1977 by resigning as Libyan Head of State, and serving as the driving force to change the Organization of African Unity to the African Union as a step towards establishing an All African Union Government.

Imperialist/reactionary alliance is neo-colonialism

The United States CIA, NATO, and internal reactionaries who overthrew the “liberated zone” under Nkrumah’s government on 24 February 1966; “a day of national crime, sin, shame and anarchy,” invaded the “liberated zone” of Guinea in a failed attempt to overthrow Sekou Toure and Kwame Nkrumah as co-Presidents in 1970, with NATO mercenaries.

These are essentially the same forces invading Libya today. The difference is only tactical with the Libyan reactionaries mainly consisting of Al Qaeda religious terrorists, the Guinean invasion being spearheaded by Portuguese mercenary terrorists, while the anti Nkrumah reactionaries were National Liberation Movement and Mate meho tribalist terrorists; all teleguided by US imperialism.

This suggests any time an African country chooses Pan Africanism and socialism and works for Africa’s unity and control of its economy as a liberated zone, America will lead a subversive alliance, using violent and illegal means to overthrow the government to impose neo colonialism. They do this in order to maintain their criminal system of robbing Africa at the maximum rate of exploitation; normally applying the method of divide and conquer.

Lessons from the past

In the 1960’s America used the National Liberation Movement (NLM), Mate meho tribalists (‘I’ve seperated myself’), and National Liberation Council (NLC) reactionary movements to violently overthrow the great Nkrumah after 15 years of resisting US backed subversion, assassination attempts on President Nkrumah, and killing of innocent women and children with bomb throwing at state events.

Guinea learned from the lesson of Ghana, trained the population militarily, and fought off the NATO military invasion of 1970, plus many imperialist intrigues to hold power as a liberated zone for 26 years; until the counter revolution after Sekou Toure’s death in 1984.

Today America uses the Sanussi monarchists, Al Qaeda terrorists (Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi), CIA agents (Abdoulgassim Khalifa Hafter), and corrupt government Officials (Mustafa Abdul Jalil) to launch a counter revolution in Libya after being a liberated zone for 42 years. Since African liberated zones are lasting longer and becoming stronger, these reactionary elements cannot succeed.

Therefore, America had to bring a 28 European nation NATO armed invasion to back up the local reactionaries with constant aerial bombing. We conclude from these facts that African liberated zones have advanced militarily to the point of being able to challenge American imperialism and that neo colonialism is at its weakest point and it is desperate to hold onto Africa’s resources to delay its inevitable collapse.

This becomes crystal clear when we witness a liberated zone of 6 million defeating the internal reactionaries and the US/NATO alliance of over 28 European nations and militaries at the same time.

US war is against Africa

When Africans confront the enemy worldwide we will definitely turn the invasion into a victory for Africa and a turning point for Africa’s total liberation and Unity. It’s time to make the move!

The African Union has taken a position for the Libyan governments right to repress the terrorist counter revoluionaries of the NTC and against the NATO invasion of Libya in the African Union Peace and Security Council, and as an entire AU continental body; which has maintained its refusal to recognize the National Transitional Council as the government of libya (despite NATO pressure).

The Chairman of the AU Peace and Security Council, Zimbabwe President Mugabe has boldly called NATO a terrorist organization, likened to Al Qaeda. Because of neo colonial influences on most of Africa’s leadership, the US and NATO are disregarding the AU’s position with contempt and utter disrespect.

This is why the African masses must confront US neo colonialism without fear. We are calling for a “US/NATO Hands Off Libya” coalition to be formed throughout Africa to defeat the US/NATO invasion of Libya as a step toward uniting Africa with a continental government and a socialist economic system to win economic independence; taking full control over Africa’s resources! Revolutionary Pan Africanist Kwame Ture Stated:

“Africa is our Mother! And if you throw bombs at our Mother, as Africa is our Mother, we will throw bombs at you! …When you bomb Libya you’re not getting a limited war! This war, like Africa’s children, whom you have scattered all over the world, knows no boundaries! Anywhere there is an African, there will be war for Africa!”

The time is now!

We in the Nkrumahist Caucus are calling on all Africans in Africa to use Positive Action and converge on all US embassies with demonstrations. Africans in Europe use Positive Action and converge on all US embassies with demonstrations. Africans in Central, South America, and the Caribbean use Positive Action and converge on all US embassies with demonstrations.

Africans in America use Positive Action and converge on government buildings inside America with demonstrations. All allies of Africa, we are asking you to use Positive Action and converge on all US embassies with demonstrations, not only against the US/NATO bombing of Libya, but also against the illegal US/EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, US illegal military invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and aggressions towards Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and countless other acts of military aggression and crimes against sovereign nations and people of the world. Let us together end US hegemony; BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

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Imole Oyelami Mosi Secka

Imole Oyelami Mosi Secka is an organizer with Nkrumahist Circle and the Nkrumahist Caucus, a youth movement seeking to make a change in Ghana and Africa as a whole under the guidance of an independent ideology.