A Black Power protest in London

Power to the People

I dare you to make change without power. Substantial, deep rooted power. Fight for it, build it up, I know this much. Like fires burning down things and people screaming because they’re tired of the man. A bold black fist waving and red, black, and green fill the skies. Power to the people. Yeah that’s my battle cry, war paint on the warring states, arbitrary judiciary you care nothing for my freedom. It would be a foolish move to trust you. I must build the only thing you pay attention to which is power. I must build it each day, every second, and every hour. Power. Power. Power. No mere dashiki will bring about revolution. We’ve seen it too often, sly cats walking around with encyclopedias intellectually ejaculating, you see these are the things we have no time for. Man must dial in on power. This power is love. This power will get you higher than any drug because it’s built off the love of the people. Power to you. Power to me. Power to be free. Like a bold black fist dancing in the midst of revolution. Say it now. Say it clear. Say it so that they’ll hear. Power to the people!