Cuban people with a committee for defense of the revolution celebrate in the streets.

A Call Seeking Restitution for the Cuban People

A call seeking restitution, repair and redemption for the Cuban People in defense of their  homeland and sovereignty. 

As this numerical year officially marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations conference on  racism, xenophobia and other related intolerances, the dominant reflection from most organizers who assembled in Durban, South Africa, was how daughters and sons of Mother Africa at home and abroad along with our courageous allies representing Palestine have gained significant leverage in our fights for independence, self determination, and reparations for damages that stem from settler colonialism, displacement and physical captivity. While the fervor and steadfast energy of Africans and Palestinians successfully neutralized Bush administration efforts to have these issues scratched from the agenda altogether, this was only made possible by years of steadfast struggle and must never be portrayed as a singular event that turned the tide of history in our favor. Since that historic assembling, the world has observed Mr. Bush’s attempts to reinvent himself into a born again humanitarian through his foundation, however both his administration and family’s crimes against displaced and colonized people will never be erased from our hearts, minds or the annals of history. 

Another very crucial development at Durban was the presence and memorable speech given by  the late Cuban patriot and iconic revolutionary figure, Commandante Fidel Castro, who reaffirmed Cuba’s unwavering solidarity for both Palestine’s independence and colonized and displaced Africans quest in aggressive pursuit of self determination and reparations. This included the Commandant’s reaffirmation concerning Cuba’s commitment to repay a debt to the African continent, due to the hardships caused by settler colonialism and physical captivity. 

Before his transition five years ago, Commandante Fidel Castro brought it to the attention of the  US Government that Cuba would begin an all out pursuit of reparations, for the multitude of  damages caused by the illegal and immoral US blockade on Cuba imposed in 1962. 

When former US President Barack Obama visited Cuba, Comandante Raul Castro reminded  him that the Cuban Government and People had reached the conclusion that reparations from  the United States, for the imposition of the illegal and immoral blockade, must be addressed  before both nations could genuinely develop normalized relations. 

During the recent vote at the United Nations General Assembly, 184 nations voted in a stupendous and democratic manner in support of a resolution entitled “Necessity of ending the  economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States  of America against Cuba”. While this vote captured and illustrated the global community’s  popular sentiment concerning the blockade for the last 29 years, this particular year was  different primarily because Cuba had to contend with both the blockade and the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. To no one’s surprise neither the US or Israel showed any regard concerning the  welfare of everyday Cuban people.

For the last six decades, only the hostility, cruelty and hatred of the US Government towards  Cuba supersedes the unbearable suffering, misery and poverty that Cuban people have been subjected to courtesy of the blockade. 

We therefore demand the following:

  1. That the Biden administration in conjunction with the US Senate and Congress make  immediate restitution to the people of Cuba in the amount of $ 147,853.3 billion dollars,  that represents the accumulated damages dating back to the imposition of the blockade.  This figure should be matched by the foundations of all former US Presidents who have  extended the blockade on Cuba in the last 59 years.(The Obama foundation, The  Clinton foundation, The Bush foundation, The Carter Center etc.) 
  2. That the Biden administration in conjunction with the US Senate and Congress  immediately lift the US blockade on Cuba. The lifting of the blockade would be in  compliance with the votes by the global community at the United Nations for the last 29  years. 
  3. That the Congressional Black Caucus, National Conference of Black State Legislators,  African American Mayoral Association, National Conference of Black Mayors and World Conference of Mayors immediately travel to Cuba, for the purpose of examining how the  blockade has adversely impacted Cuba’s health, educational and social infrastructure in  59 years. 
  4. That the Congressional Black Caucus and National Conference of Black State  Legislators demand that the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in conjunction US  Justice Department, for the purpose of public disclosure on the relationship between the  US Government and Cuban American terrorist cells in Miami, the 635 assassination  attempts on the life of Commandante Fidel Castro. 
  5. That the Biden administration in conjunction with the US Senate and Congress  immediately break ties with Cuban American regime change agents, whose main  function is to disrupt the normal flow of society. This includes immediate defunding of  these and diplomatic support of such activities. 
  6. CARICOM as a collective body incorporates restitution, repair and redemption for the  Cuban people as part of their reparations strategy even though Cuba only has observer  status in CARICOM. 
  7. That once the African Union officially strips Israel of its observer status, based on their  track record of service and commitment to Mother Africa’s social uplift, Cuba has that  distinction bestowed on them as a nation. 


  • South African Cuban Friendship Association 
  • Caribbean Network of Solidarity and Friendship Organizations with Cuba  (Barbados, Guyana, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands,  Curaco and Jamaica) 
  • Honorable Samia Yaba Nkrumah, President of the Kwame Nkrumah Pan African Centre (KNAC) 
  • Nkrumahist Circle (Republic of Ghana) 
  • Comrade Akili Secka, Principal of People’s School for Positive Education (Republic of Ghana) 
  • Bokar Ture, Pan African Council Conakry, Guinee 
  • Cumbe International (Venezuela) 
  • Movimiento Afrorevolucionario Juan Ramon Lugo (Venezuela) 
  • J. Kweeku Lumumba, External Relations Coordinator 
  • KOSSSA(Konbit Sitwayen Sosyalis pou Sove Ayiti) 
  • Attorney Ezili Danto, HLLN(Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network) 
  • Organization for the Victory of the People in Guyana 
  • Nubia Kemet, Maat Revolution, Black Nation in Babylon-Germany 
  • Honorable Charles Barron, Assemblymen 60th District State of New York 
  • National Conference of Black Lawyers 
  • Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement 
  • NCOBRA(National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America) 
  • New African Peoples Organization 
  • December 12th Movement 
  • Friends Of The Congo
  • American Indian Movement-West Coast Branch of American Indian Movement/Grand  Governing Council 
  • Universal Negro Improvement Associations-African Communities League-RC 2020
  • Ancestral Sacred Traditions Legacy Alliance (ASTLA) (US Virgin Islands)
  • Hood Communist (DC Metropolitan Area, California, New Mexico) 
  • Malcolm X Commemoration Committee
  • The People’s Organization for Progress
  • The Newark Anti Violence Coalition
  • Newark Communities for Accountable NCAP, Newark, New Jersey 
  • J. Kweeku Lumumba(co-chair), David Joshue (co-chair), Hugh Esco (Secretary), Denica Traina  (Treasurer), Executive Committee Georgia Green Party 
  • Dr. James Pope 
  • Africa World Now Project 
  • Kwame Uhuru Executive Producer What Good is A Song? WRFG Atlanta 89.3 FM 
  • We Charge Colonialism 
  • State 55, Republic of Zambia 
  • Economic Fighters League, Republic of Ghana 
  • Tierney Peprah, Steering Committee Chair, We Charge Colonialism / Host of Afrikan Esquire TV
  • Obi Egbuna Jr, External Relations Officer, Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association

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