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An Analysis on Ukraine/NATO conflict with Russia

This piece was originally published here by People’s Programs. Written by Abbas Muntaqim.

amerikkka is the biggest threat to humanity and the planet. Through it’s evolution as a settler colonial regime that enslaved Afrikans and committed genocide against the indigenous peoples and Afrikans, it has become an imperialist power house. Waging wars from Iraq, to Vietnam, to Korea, to Africa. There is no bounds to amerikkkan imperialism. One might ask why I’m starting an article that is about the Ukraine (nato) vs Russian conflict, with the united states? Well, that’s because if you follow the money. If you follow the weapons. If you follow the puddles of blood, it all leads back to the imperialist united states regime and by default nato. And no this isn’t framing Russia as a “leftist” or “anti-imperialist” nation. But we have to be truthful about the causes of this conflict. The western left cannot let its so-called anti-capitalist chauvinist criticism blind them to the root causes of this conflict and blame russia, as that is pseudo analysis which by default defends us imperialism. As a Pan-Afrikanist and Revolutionary Nationalist, we have the duty to tell the objective truths to the people.

To understand this conflict I will start during the epoch post World War 2. World War 2, which undoubtedly came to an end because of the military power of the Soviet Union, the west now decided they needed to combat the Soviets, and this led the us regime to create the north atlantic treaty organization, otherwise known as nato. nato’s goal was to not only combat the Soviets, but also to advance the international finance capital (imperialism) of the west. nato is pan-european imperialism, and protects the international financial interests of the west through war and colonization and neo-colonial rule.

nato has been fighting proxy wars (i.e. funding terrorist groups, to fight wars that benefit nato’s interest), and has led clandestine operations against the soviet union, in an attempt to remove Soviet influence as well as to eradicate communist or socialist revolutions. Since the end of WWII the united states has been involved in over 60 interventions, where it has utitized bombings, sabotage, out right war, and regime changes. This also led to the Cold War (war without military battle) between nato and the Soviets which led to proxy wars, nuclear arms race, the space race, and more.

The Soviets supported liberation movements. Such as giving material support to the people of Cuba, supporting Patrice Lumumba in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing military advisors, munitions and other material aid. And also supported other liberation movements, which combated nato’s imperialist neo-colonial regimes of former colonies.

While the Soviets did support liberation movements, they did make numerous mistakes, particularly in the Islamic world, whether it was supporting Saddam Hussein’s crimes against humanity in the invasion of Iran or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

This Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was tragic and inhumane and even former Soviet generals admitted it was a mistake. It also played a role in the downfall of the Soviet Union. It must be made clear that this was nowhere in comparison to the role of the us and nato, as even the us and nato played a role in the war in the Soviet-Afghan war, as it funneled weapons and billions in dollars to mujahideen in Afghanistan and added fire to the flame. Which also gave rise to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qadea.

Shortly after the Soviet-Afghan war, as a result of a variety of external and internal issues, a counter revolution occurred and on December 26, 1991 the Soviet Union fell. And Russia was established. Other republics within the Soviet Union declared independence and formed their respective nations. Ukraine, which was the second largest Soviet Republic, and Russia’s main trading partner was one of them. This allowed nato to gain more influence in the region, and essentially be on the doorstep of Russia, as three former Soviet republics, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania all joined nato.

Ukraine had a position of neutrality with the west and russia but the us began funneling billions of dollars to cia/us fronts since 1991 to gain influence in Ukraine. In 2013 in Kiev the Maidan Square protests started. There was opposition rising to the Yanukovych government which had a neutral position towards Russia and the united states. There were negotiations ongoing and a resolution was struck, but on February 2, 2014 fascist and neo nazi militais tried to kill Yanukovych and took over the Ukrainian government. This was a cia backed coup, and the us began calling this nazi led coup the greatest day for democracy in Ukraine.

This would have devastating impacts on Russia, as now Crimea, which was part of Ukraine (dating back to Soviet Union) was now under the control of a the facist ukrainian regime. This could have given them control of the Black Sea Naval Base, which is Russia’s biggest naval installation, and this would have given it into the hands of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Regime and nato would have had nuclear weapons pointing at Russia and it would serve as a potential base to start a nato led invasion from. Ukraine is the same region in which adolph hitler launched the invasion of the Soviet Union and it is now in the hands of Ukranian neo-nazis. Russia, as any nation defending itself would do, is stopping history from repeating itself.. Russia did this by allowing a referendum to occur and the people of Crimea voted to become a part of Russia, which stopped the base from being turned into a nato invasion ground.

Not only that, but shortly after, the Ukrainian regime has been shelling eastern Ukraine almost everyday since the coup and also banned Russian as a language, as this is an area that has historically been ethnically Russian. This was the start of the war on people in Eastern Ukraine.. Yet many people around the world were not aware of the shelling by the facist ukrainian regime.

After years of shelling, Russia finally stepped in and recognized Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). By doing this, they gave protection to the region from the fascist Ukrainian regime. nato has literally been attempting to bring a wider conflict into the area.

nato is using Ukraine as a puppet for its imperialist interests, which is to weaken Russia both militarily and economically through “sanctions”. For example, Russia recently completed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which connects Russia to Europe (Germany). This would be a major asset to Russia’s economy and also give it more power in the international area. The us couldn’t have it, so it needed to find a way to slow it down. By the us bringing Russia into this conflict, they can slap sanctions on the pipeline, which Joe Biden recently did. This now makes Europe dependent on the united states and its proxies, rather than russia. And it’s set to make the united states billions of dollars, instead of the russians. This is what us imperialism is about. Creating war, all to subjugate the world to its own economic and military interests.

It is safe to say that Russia is defending itself not only from a neo-nazi regime in Ukraine, but also from western imperialism through the us and nato. Yet the western world is showing “outrage” at Russia, when the real outrage should be placed at the imperialist settler colonial regime of the united states of amerikkka. amerikkka, like always since its inception, has blood on its hands. As revolutionaries, we are anti imperialist, and we must call for the end of the us and its imperialism, as well as the neo nazi regime in Ukraine. They are the ones causing this conflict, and in order for the world to know peace, us imperialism and nato must come to an end.

It’s important that revolutionaries be very conscious of the amerikkkan propaganda machine and the misinformation that is being funneled by western media outlets. We can’t fall victim to viral videos spreading CIA misinformation. This propaganda is designed for people to side with western imperialism, the same people making this propaganda are the same ones who profit from imperialist control.

We must organize programs for decolonization, and work to build autonomous institutions so we can effectively combat the us regime, and become our own liberators!

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