The hartmann winds in West Africa

It happened one day long ago
Wind shifted to the west
Chilling breeze began to blow
Destruction, pain, and death
Westwind blew across the sea
Blowing old life’s end
Westwind made a slave of me
Surviving as life begins

Steady storm this Westwind came
Middle passage pain to cross
Against resistance strong it grew
No score of lives we lost
Westwinds swelled against my will
Set my continent to the test
Claiming all the rest of me
Destroying all the best

I still remember when and how the Westwinds came
Remember sharks that followed boats
That had their savior’s name
Remember bones on ocean’s floor
People’s passages end at sea
Memories of greatness lost
Generations to never be
Remembering helps me now to rise
Above the horrors of these winds
To stand as one, to face the storm
So, healing can begin
Remembering stirs spirits
Ancient warriors’ discontent
Remembering spurs, the Eastwinds
With revolution as intent

Eastwinds blow thru twisted minds
To sweep away confusion
Whirlwind swirling changing time
Gusting revolution
Blasting forceful Eastwinds
Leave nothing just the same
Blusters sown of horror known
To reap the hurricane

Forgotten nation unafraid
We Africans ascend
To redeem the world, we arise
Climbing ebony whirlwinds
Torrential blizzard smashing
Injustice on the wall
Destiny sailing title waves
Beckoning to all

Our song is booming thunder
Our force a lightning strike
One Billion pains pushed asunder
This Eastwind poised to fight
Force for freedom flying
We bring the Westwind’s end
Long past fear of dying
Mighty raging Eastwind

Listen when the elders tell
How the Westwind grew
They are telling what they did wrong
And what is left to do
Listen when the children talk
Of Truth Rise from the Earth
They are telling how New Resistance
Gives the Eastwind birth

Listen when the women sing
How to make Westwinds change
Their Song of Pain and Hatred Gone
Reaps the Eastwind Hurricane
Eastwind vengeance nature takes
on killers of life’s desires
We are the Pending Earthquake
We are the Storm of Fire

Force Behind the Fight
for Liberty and Life
Whirlwind Winding
Freedom Force Flying
Forever Fierce and Fighting
We are the Blizzard and the Cyclone
Pounding Power and Punching Rain
We are the Mighty Eastwind,

Mighty Eastwind Hurricane!

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Profession: Muralist/Artist, Writer, Poet, Lecturer Politics: Revolutionary Pan-Africanist and cadre in the All African People's Revolutionary Party Interests: Africa, Culture, Philosophies of Liberation Studies: Advanced Revolutionary Thought Mission: One Love!