“The shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists, knew that the only way people would run toward the fox would be if you showed them a wolf, so they created a ghastly alternative.” - Malcolm X

It’s Time to Face the Wolf

We live in unprecedented times. This sentiment has been echoed relentlessly in election after election, misleading a very legitimate sense of urgency in the masses of oppressed people and corralling it into political theater. But it’s true, we do live in unprecedented times. We are on the precipice of extinction, and the fate of every living being on this planet is at stake. That’s not an alarmist statement; we are rapidly reaching the point of no return, millions of lives have already been given their expiration dates because of the gluttony of a privileged few.

“When any election is held it will fortify rather than destroy the credibility of the power brokers. When we participate in this election to win, instead of disrupt, we’re lending to its credibility.”

George Jackson

The answer to the climate crisis and the mass annihilation we face will not be found in the ballot box. It will not be platformed by the DNC, it will not be 501(c)(3) friendly, and millions of lives do not depend on the actions of the so-called “progressive” American political wing.

The impending demise of Roe v. Wade should display the impermanence of liberal so-called solutions to social issues such as abortion. The movement for access to safe and affordable abortions should not be divorced from the movements towards the consciousness and liberation of African and Indigenous peoples, from the radical redistribution of land, and from the global movement to end European settler domination.

These issues seem far removed, but in reality the foundation of Planned Parenthood is rooted in eugenic practices to render the African and Indigenous populations of the so-called Americas infertile and ultimately extinct. The first clinical trials for birth control pills were run in Puerto Rico, where thousands of humans were experimented on without their knowledge or consent. This fundamental contradiction has yet to be addressed by the white feminist led liberal coalitions towards “access to abortions”. They ignore the plight and suffering of African and Indigenous people under the guise of modern (Western) medicinal practices. The rights of our people cannot be planted in the hands of grifters and state agents. Planned Parenthood has deployed anti-union tactics since the 2000s, partnered with Amazon, and has dwindled in it’s service of areas in most need while smaller providers pick up the slack from a multi-million dollar nonprofit with national acclaim. And instead of serving the people, they take to virtue signaling and patronizing to push their agenda. The outcome could have been different had we taken over federal buildings, instead of sending emails to the inboxes of Senators and wearing pussy hats outside of the White House. But how could we expect the nonprofit industrial complex and settler feminists to provide the solutions necessary for our progression?

And yet, we will find them in the spotlight of this development, victimizing themselves instead of being accountable to the millions of people they and the Democratic have failed (intentionally). After all, how can someone be accountable to people they have no interest in being in community with?

We see this issue replicated across every single issue that even holds a remotely decent chance to improve the lives of the masses. The neoliberal corporate wing of politicos flock to suck every ounce of potential and money out of our movements, leaving us weak and vulnerable when their co-optation ultimately leaves us to the hordes of fascistic wolves.

The Democratic Party is where movements go to die.

We cannot rely on the virtue of a government that’s sole reason for existence is its disregard for the lives of African and Indigenous peoples. And we certainly cannot be shocked when our folly leads us to do so, and puts us in an even more precarious situation than before. We must face the wolf. We must look towards the fascists on both wings and organize above all. No more corporate sponsored “community partnerships”. No more celebrity worship. No more dumping billions into nonprofits and police. No more victimization of the Democratic Party. We must see these wolves for what they are: agents of the State. The State that preaches its tolerance whilst drone striking anyone darker than a paper bag. The State that runs internal concentration camps in our cities and prisons. The State that has caused nothing but absolute death and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

Thusly, we must allow the most reactionary wolves to run their regime mask off. Let them run down the midterms, let them run down 2024. That’s the only distinction between a so-called conservative and a so-called liberal anyways, one is a settler that sees the settler state for what it is and wants a regime that reflects the material reality of European supremacy. The latter may seem weak, but is far more nefarious in their mission; they want to create a form of colonial undoing of the world that the colonized learn to love and identify with. They want to soften the optics of a genocidal situation with representation politics and altruistic ideals.

As many revolutionaries before me have noted: it is easier to deal with the wolf over the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This liberal facade is fading fast, and when the mask is off there will be little time to react. We must face the wolf with its teeth bared, as threatening as it may be. We are not weak, we have the strength, but we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled by the demeanor of a predator lurking amongst us. Contradictions are already becoming more stark, and our only hope resides in our collective power. We alone have the power to feed the masses, to run our own clinics, and to protect ourselves. There is no shortcut to solving any issue that plagues us, the only way to freedom is through. It is in the grueling everyday work of building our communities up stronger than ever.

Another world is possible, one where the people express full self-determination. But we have to start by rejecting identification and reliance on the settler-state today. Decide that you are no longer invested in its laws, courts, and institutions. Face the Wolf.