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Mukasa Dada: We Must Take Africa Back

An image of Mukasa Dada with the text: "We Must have an African attitude" - we must take africa back

This speech by movement elder Mukasa Dada – a former SNCC and Lowndes County Freedom Organization organizer and a current AAPRP cadre – was given at an African Liberation Day 2022 commemoration in Baltimore, Maryland. Hear more from him in his interview with Hood Communist Radio. The interview and this speech should be understood as elder Mukasa’s personal views and at times may not be reflective of the political line or strategy of the AAPRP.

We must take Africa back. We must have an African attitude. We come from Africa. Africa is the richest land in the world full of diamonds and gold and oil and apples and oranges and everything. The people are the most intelligent people in history. We built pyramids. We gave the world mathematics, science and so many deities and gods and what have you. We were an educational voice to the whole world, but we were invaded. We were invaded by the Arabs and we were invaded by the Europeans. They came to Africa and took our diamonds, our gold and our silver.  And they took us. And they took everything that we had. We went from being the richest people in the world to being the poorest people in the world. Not only did they take the diamonds and the gold and oil or silver, but they took us. 

That’s why we’re in what you call ‘Baltimore’ or the ‘United States’. We didn’t come here happy and in love. We came here on slave ships. We came here suffering and dying like we’re doing now. And we were put in slavery and scattered all over the world to be slaves. And they robbed us of everything. They made us work from “can’t see to can’t see” —- You can’t see in the morning until you can’t see at night. And the more we worked, the poorer we got. And they take our richness and give it to a few crooks and they get rich and have billions and trillions and leave us with nothing. And they did this all over the world. These Europeans in this system that was born out of slavery, called capitalism, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And they’ve been making us poorer by stealing the natural resources and working us for nothing for over 500 years. And now it’s time for us to fight and take Africa. 

It’s time for us to fight to make sure that everybody has a house, lights, gas, water. And the number one enemy of African people and the number one enemy to the well is the United States government. And it’s time for us to join in with everybody in the world that’s fighting against the United States government.  We need to look at the Chinese. They ain’t begging the white man for nothing or begging America for nothing. They ain’t begging this system for nothing. They got guns. They got weapons. They got organization. And they take back whatever belongs to them in the world. And now it’s time for us Africans to come together and let’s take Africa back. We call coming together,  Pan-Africanism. They broke Africa up into a bunch of little pieces where they could steal and then rape it and rob it easier. We want to put Africa back together. They scattered us all over the world, we want to come back together. Psychologically, ideologically and historically come back together and form us an organization, form us an army and let’s fight and liberate Africa. Let’s fight and liberate our people wherever they are in the world. 

We can defeat the United States. We can defeat Europe. Hell yea we gonna help Russia. Hell yea we gon’ help Putin, our brother. The United States is our enemy not Russia. Russia didn’t steal us from Africa. Russia ain’t dropping bombs on us. Russia aint putting drugs right here in Baltimore. Russia ain’t got us living in these empty shell houses here in Baltimore. But the United States government, now—  if you ask the United States government for a few dollars to help build up the empty apartment building over there, they’ll say they can’t find  the money. But if you asked them for a hundred billion dollars to do mass murder, to drop bombs on people, they’ll give it in the morning. This country is an Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil country. And what we want, we want to give people housing, medicine, food, clothing, shelter —- give them everything they need. And that’s called socialism. We need a system where all the benefits go to the people. All the benefits go to the people. And they try to scare us off saying, “that’s communism.” Well if communism takes up every damn thing white folks got, every damn thing the rich folks got then I’m a communist and proud of it. It’s time for us to kick ass! Get out the white man’s army! Get out of his police force! Get out of his industries and build your own industry. If you work for a company, y’all pick up some guns and go and take over that company and get rid of the rich people who get the money after you get through working.  That ain’t no good. If you work, you should own the company. If you farm the land, that’s your farm. And this is what we have to do all over the world. 

So when we talk about scientific socialism, when we talk about Pan-Africanism, coming together worldwide, when we talk about love, lifting our women to the Queens and princesses and Goddesses that they are. This is what we’re talking about. We want to make sure your children have education. We want to take our armies and go down there and burn the jails and prisons down and get our brothers and sisters out of them. We want to shoot down airplanes that bring drugs into our neighborhood and give to our children. We want to educate our little boys and girls that when they give you a gun, go down there where the white folks live, go down to the bank, go down to their big companies, go to the places where them white folks got the money and rob and shoot film, and you will be doing the right thing. But we must look out for each other. We must have undying love for each other. We must care for ourselves. And you can’t care for yourself unless you care for Africa. Do y’all love Africa? Are you willing to fight for Africa? Are you willing to organize for Africa? Are you ready to start some African schools and some African classes 

Under these trees and where our children play basketball or wherever they might be going? Go and teach them that they are African. Teach our children that the United States is the enemy. The United States government is the enemy. Hell no I don’t vote!  Damn some voting! Ain’t nobody ever took no freedom or got no freedom through no vote. You get your freedom when you build you an army and you go kick the ass of those who stole and robbed and raped and put you in slavery. Are y’all ready to fight? Let’s get the army together. Let’s get the organization together. I was standing there looking at some of these older people out here. They’ve been out here struggling for over 40, 50, 60, years— 70 years.. And now it’s time to turn the revolution over to our young people. Tell the bloods, tell the crips we need them. They’re our organization. They’re our leaders, they’re our children and we love them and come guide us and direct us and be great soldiers for Africa.

And we need to support Castro and Cuba. We need to support the Palestinians in Palestine. We need to support Venezuela. We need to support Russia. We need to support China. We need to support North Korea. Matter of fact, we need to talk to North Korea and tell them to show us how to make us a nuclear bomb.  And it’s time to fight. And you can’t walk around here loving the same people that America loves. If the United States government don’t like ‘em we love ‘em.  If the United States want to fight them, we fight the United States. When I was a young man, they tried to draft me to go to Vietnam. I told him if you gave me a gun, I’m shooting white people. And I mean every word of it. And now you must tell them the same thing. If they give your children guns, you send your children to the white community, you send your child to the bank. And all y’all talking about you got a gang? If you got a gang, when the brink truck comes through your territory, take the brink truck and take the money and go give it to your baby’s mama. 

Stop fighting among yourselves. Love yourself, love your people, love your kind. And we must build for our people. 

We’re going to have to dig some gardens. We will have to grow some food and everything else we need. They make money off of everything we have to have. They put a price on it. Look at marijuana. I just left South Africa. In South Africa, weed is legal and everybody got good, big bushes growing all around the house. In America? They make money out for marijuana and that’s why they want to put you in jail. Now every time you get a marijuana seed, plant it somewhere. Plant it somewhere. Burn down the liquor store. Burn this government down!

I want to say that Pan-Africanism—  and there are many people that have died fighting for it, Kwame Nkrumah, Lumumba, Yaa Asantawaa, Sekou Toure, and look at that little brother in Burkina Faso they murdered him. What’s the name? Thomas Sankara. They lynched him. They took Lumumba and killed him. And then they put his body in acid cause he wanted to unite Africa. ‘Cause he wanted to make life better for you and your children before they were born. So let us stand together. Let us be warriors for Africa. Let us be warriors for Pan- Africanism. We need to have African Liberation Day every week in every corner of Baltimore, every corner outside the United States and anywhere we live in the world, we need to make every day African Liberation Day. And we need to make clear that we believe in scientific socialism. Socialism is an economic system that takes everything and gives it to the poorests or the poors and raise them up to the highest levels. Give them the best education, give them the best medicine. And this is what we want to do for our people. We must have undying love for all people. And I want to thank you for letting me come up in here. I’ve been fighting minute battles throughout the world. And I joined in with anybody in the United States fighting or anybody fighting against the United States. I go and find them, hugged them and said, “give me a gun. Let me help you fight.” And I’ll support anybody. If the devil in hell came out the ground and started fighting these crackas, I’ll get with the devil. But these people are the devils, they’re the monsters. Anybody that makes people suffer like they making us suffer,  anybody that destroys our people like they’re doing is the enemy to the whole world. So again, I want to thank you. 

And also I want to say I can’t help but say it,  Baltimore and all these women out here y’all are the most beautiful women on the face center. And I wanted to apologize if I could, I would give each one of you a bouquet of diamonds, a bouquet of gold. And once we take Africa back, we will be able to do that. There’s nothing in the world more precious and loving than our women. Don’t fight ‘em. And brothers?  I want y’all to show love for the children. These little boys need you. These little girls need you. These children need you. Be a father, be a big brother.

And all the children are yours!. Ain’t no such thing as “it ain’t mine.” All of them are yours! And just like all of you have been my children. And I have tried to raise you and guide you for over 60 years. And now I’m ready to fight. Im on the battlefield. And I want everybody to hold up for fists. hold it up like you mean it. Black Power! Black Power!

I got another one. Everybody say, “Africa must be free.”  Africa must be free. Africa must be free. Africa must be free. Africa must be free. Africa must be free. 

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“To educate the masses politically does not mean, cannot mean, making a political speech. What it means is to try, relentlessly and passionately, to teach the masses that everything depends on them; that if we stagnate it is their responsibility, and that if we go forward it is due to them too, that there is no such thing as a demiurge, that there is no famous man who will take the responsibility for everything, but that the demiurge is the people themselves and the magic hands are finally only the hands of the people.”
― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

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