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​​The New Afrikan Struggle and Roon Nation

Members of Mapinduzi and members of the Roon Nation

Members of Mapinduzi and members of the Roon Nation

Neo-liberalism has infiltrated the hearts and minds of seemingly all Africans in the U.S. False notions of inclusion — or better yet inclusion in a system that degrades Black people have captivated and polluted the minds of our People. Not only are we accepting bread crumbs and allowing each other to sit at the very same tables our ancestors would have destroyed, we have also been distracted by things that in no way shape or form advance us as a People. We have been distracted by things that keep us away from focusing on our actual oppression. 

What we need right now is to define the New Afrikan Struggle, what we need right now is a Modern Maroon Movement in the streets. We have to be clear in our explanations and we have to explain these things in a way that appeals to the masses while maintaining our message. To be straight up, the Modern Maroon movement has to play on aesthetics. “Roon” is our new term of endearment. “Roon” is short for Maroon. We have to teach our people that all over the Americas, Africans were considered Maroons for building communes and for fiercely resisting colonial violence. Right now our goal and mission should be building Roon Nation. Part of that is building the revolution— turning willing ex African U.S. soldiers into New Afrikan Freedom Fighters and turning gangbangers into Guerillas. The mission is clear and time waits on no man. While our oppressors highlight inclusion we must highlight our resistance. While they highlight reform, we must emphasize Revolution. While they lie and cap, we got to let the People know straight up what’s going on and we got to come with the facts.  

The modern Maroon Movement is the way forward. Building our zones of power, building Roon nation will spring us forward in our New Afrikan Struggle. Comrades, Roons, we got to do this work in the streets. The work in the streets has to be centered around mutual aid, community political education, and overall community building. We have to be active and out in our hoods so our people can put faces with the movement. If we’re honest there isn’t a way around it. At this point we have to exhaust all of our options; we need to be all gas and no brakes. We have the theory and enough internet personalities. We need to be in the streets. We need to be in the streets because our enemies are organizing and executing us out here. It’s past time we do as our ancestors did, and build our communes, resist the oppression, and fight for our liberation right where we stand. It’s time we live like Maroons.

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