A quote from George Jackson about theSound - the inevitable resistance of the masses of people

The Enemy Can No Longer Ignore theSound

They can no longer ignore theSound, so they send their stooges to look for its source.  Agents search hillside slums filled with hopelessness, aggression, and bitterness. They come to eat black boys and classify all others collateral. They painstakingly search for a clue, but cannot find the DragonPart.

The searchers hear theSound, but find no meaning in it. They don’t appreciate the whispers and screeches that make up the music. They are deaf to the harmony of the people’s striving, the tempo of the Dragon dance and the sweet sound of our song. For them theSound is noise, Dragonspeak is gibberish and the Word a lie. They cannot understand theSound because they do not speak our lanuage.

They say we are radical, dangerous, extremist, whose words are seditious, Yet the more theSound is dismissed the more ThePeople believe. The more they attack theSound, the more people listen. We are popular culture tugging at the social fabric. ThePeople sing the lyrics. Everyone knows “The Word”.

We are invisible now, so do not look for us. We hide in plain sight and are prepared to fight. The final stage of the Dragon war has begun. Prepare to fly.

When the agents come for you, have no fear. You are ready. Remember, they know nothing of the DragonPart. They are fools who do not believe you can fly. They will be overcome quickly. It is their masters you must be concerned with. The rulers are always the problem. They know us  well and are always trying to stop our flight. They know that Flying Dragons bring the people out to sing as one. They will do anything to stop the people from singing as one. They have a natural aversion to theSound. It drives them crazy. The possibility of it being magnified by the volume of a billion voices is too much for them to take.

So sing, make some noise. Live in theSound. Move in theSound and it will be almost impossible for the Anti-People to find or stop you. Do not fear the Anti-People. They cannot strike what they cannot  hear.

Sing this song, crafted of your tattered lives, your heart will thump the rhythm. The melody and chorus will ring out from distant yesteryears. Time is yours and they are running out of it. Each day brings you closer to salvation and they edge daily towards inevitable demise.

The enemy will not survive this dance with the Dragons. They cannot escape our embrace and they cannot stop the music. We will dance them ’til they drop. We will win by prevailing! What they drop on us, we will consume. What they ignore, we will exalt. What they kill we will give new life. We feed on the fire they fling at us, it fuels our flight and produces the power to sing another song.

We multiply, we grow fire. Each generation more rebellious, more conscious, and less satisfied. We breed rebels and anticipate the day when all are born spitting fire. That day the fight will end. Be assured, theSound will last one moment longer than the enemy can endure!

We will all  sing melodic words,
When Dragons block the sun.
Everything will be transformed.
When daytime darkness comes!
Peace behind the rhythm.
Victory After Song
Devils rule will end
When we all sing along!
“Liberation is just a song!”
When we sing as one!

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