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The Next One Will Be Different

A mural depecting George Floyd's face and signs telling people to go vote in Houston, Texas.

Machine pumped out another think piece this morning

    somewhere between the third tooth,

    it spoke about the benefit of swallowing Black kids whole

so we carry ghosts of a stolen fingerprint in the backpacks crossing metal detectors set off from the weapons in our shoes

        the weapons

        the weapon

        the weapon, they say

        that kid got a weapon, they say

        that kid is a weapon, say they to they next donor pumping piles of 

        Black Codes into 

the next ballot circus 

and the next tightrope artist will not just walk the line

    will not say abortion zero times

    will not ignore Palestine living under apartheid

Put this machine on your back because it is the last beacon and it matters because 

    you matter

    you matter

    you mat

    you, mat


        are the key to this next one

    It’s all about the next one

    Just wait until the next one

            Put that fire down.

            Calm down.

    Just wait until the next one

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Landon Smith (he/him) is a father, a professor, a poet, half Mende and half Balanta & Fulani, the amethyst geode on your desk, Angela Davis' afro, Frantz Fanon's pocket notebook, Walter Rodney’s fingernail, your favorite pillow. Despite his institutional degrees, he really became a poet through the East Side Arts Alliance in Oakland. Landon thanks Black Freighter press for publishing his first book - No Bedtime Stories of Soil. Abolish all prisons and police.

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