An African man at a protest standing in front of a Palestinian flag.

In 1986, The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party distributed their second educational brochure on zionism. The first educational brochure, which was printed in 1977, was entitled “lSRAEL COMMITS MASS MURDER OF PALESTINIAN AND AFRICAN PEOPLES: ZIONISM lS RAClSM. lT MUST BE DESTROYED.” We distributed more than half a million copies throughout the United States and in other countries.  Like its predecessor, the second brochure has as its central purpose, the education of the masses of Africans (all people of African descent wherever they live in the world are African) about zionism.

In the first brochure, the A-APRP called for the creation of a well organized anti-zionist movement within the African community. Unfortunately we did not achieve this objective, although we made tremendous progress in the anti-zionist struggle. We continue to call for the anti-zionist movement. We also simultaneously continue our call for a world-wide anti-zionist front.

We are capable and determined to intensify our efforts in order to achieve this end. We are also confident that other movements and organizations will also step forward to join the A-APRP in the struggle to achieve their objectives.

This anti-zionist united front must wage a broad-based educational offensive to educate the masses of peace loving peoples as to the truth about zionism and it’s immoral “state of Israel” and its allies world-wide.


When our first brochure was published, there was an organization called BLACKS IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL COMMITTEE (BASIC). According to the NEW YORK TIMES (June 28,1975) some of the key members of BASIC included: Bayard Rustin, Chairman; Ralph Abernathy, Arthur Ashe, Harry Belafonte, Tom Bradley, Shirley Chisholm, Walter Fauntroy, Richard Hatcher, Vernon Jordan, Coretta Scott King, Roy Wilkins, Andrew Young; etc.

This organization openly and actively supported zionism and lent itself to spread confusion and falsification, and to openly attack all forces who were against zionism, especially anti-zionist forces inside the African community.

Certain elements among the African petit-bourgeoisie were quite one-sided in their approach to zionism. They were openly hostile to anyone who even simply and correctly demanded that we hear the other side, the Palestinian side. Because of the constant struggle of the masses of oppressed people of the world, led by the heroic Palestinian people, this situation has irrevocably changed. The zionist movement has been irrevocably weakened.

There no longer exists and there can never exist again with credibility, any active, vocal and organized support for zionism inside the African community. Even the most reactionary elements are now forced to give, at least, lip-service to the undeniable fact that the Palestinian people have suffered and continue to suffer a great injustice at the hands of the immoral and racist zionist system.

Our work has thus been made easier, thanks to constant struggle. Much work remains to be done. Victory is inevitable, because of one irrefutable fact . . .


The masses of oppressed peoples instinctively love justice and quest for truth, human dignity and true peace. On the other hand, reactionary elements in the service of zionism and racism, along with some genuinely confused petit-bourgeois forces; deliberately seek to keep the people politically ignorant and confused about zionism by misguiding and misdirecting their energy and enthusiasm.

This will, inevitably, fail. Martin Luther King never tired of warning that ‘injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere.’ Consequently, as conscious human beings, we have the moral and political responsibility to struggle against injustice and zionism everywhere. We can not simply fight in a vacuum. We must also fight uncompromisingly for justice everywhere in the world. We have a moral and political responsibility to unconditionally support the Palestinian people in their just struggle for justice and self-determination.

The A-APRP is anti-zionist. We will remain so until zionism is smashed! We uncompromisingly and unconditionally support the Palestinian people and the PLO, their sole legitimate representative! We know that, ultimately, they will regain their National Home Palestine! We cannot but support them. It is the only just and moral thing to do! All justice loving people must work for the destruction of zionism and the illegal, racist, garrison state of Israel; and for the construction of a secular, democratic state in Palestine. The struggle against zionism and our support for the Palestinian people must be waged on all fronts. The A-APRP places primary importance on the ideological front. We know that all people instinctively love justice and quest for truth. Until they are politically educated and armed with scientific facts and the proper means of analysis, their instincts will be misused by reactionary forces for reactionary and unjust ends.

This second educational brochure on zionism is another effort by the A-APRP to politically educate and organize the African Community in order for us to make our proper contribution to the struggle to smash zionism and end the illegal ‘state of Israel’.

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The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) is a permanent, independent, revolutionary, socialist, Pan-African Political Party based in Africa. Africa is the just homeland of African People all over the world. Our Party is an integral part of the Pan-African and World Socialist revolutionary movement.

The A-APRP understands that “all people of African descent, whether they live in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any other part of the world, are Africans and belong to the African Nation”. — (Kwame Nkrumah, Class Struggle in Africa, page 4).