Biden and Trump puppets illustrating the election spectacle

The Election Spectacle

Advertisements are ramping up, words are becoming fiercer, and skeletons are coming out of candidates’ closets. This game is nothing new, yet we play it all the time. What does it mean to vote? What does the election spectacle do for us? Within a bourgeois fantasy, it is to elect a person who is totally accountable to the community they represent. I mean . . . this is the ideal, an ideal which has material consequences. The fantasies are, in some perverted way, a reality. The structures and institutions we all engage with organize around these principles rooted in anti-blackness and colonialism.

Aren’t y’all tired of reproducing the trauma of your ancestors? Aren’t you tired of seeing the world burn and the only solution you receive is to vote for your oppressor? Sit down and actually ask yourself, is this *really* a tool for liberation? Hell, you might not even have the time to critique because capitalism has you slaving away for a poverty wage. Self-determination for black people requires black solutions, black organizations, and black epistemology.

Heighten the contradictions, act where you are, and organize within your communities through your own collective structures. You will never be liberated by using the tools of those who manufactured inter-generational black trauma.