A Balcony in Atlanta

Mercedes Benz stadium eating away at the horizon

I hate that big ass ugly piece of shit

Pipes exhausting smoke particles as

Cars drive past

Engines cranking bodies modest, or flashy, loud, as bright lights and booming bases drown out the resistance of the unhoused 

Gentrification left behind the Ghosts 

of Black neighborhoods bulldozed over the decades of Black face in leadership

Wakanda empty fists of solidarity painted over a Black mecca 

That aint lookin so Black

The Jacksoning of Atlanta

Washing whiter 

While it be the model city for the petit bourgeois

Wealth gap growing wider than our inner states

Homeless encampments be the city perimeter

Til they stomped over by a gang of pigs -a relocation notice

As if their existence is the problem 

Black overseers running the streets 

Cries for investment in the community

Answered by closing of a major hospital

Cries to defund the police

Answered by investment in a 90 million and 85 acre urban warfare facility for pigs: #StopCopCity

Protest and community resistance 

Answered by police murdering a forest defender

Our ops private investors be your favorite midnight snack (Waffle House, chick- fil-la)

Be the electricity coursing up ya block 

The depot by your home 

The tax pipeline funneled from our streets be funding the guns that murk us 

Death lurking in the doorstep

So is it really crazy to call capitalism mass suicide

Cause building a mock city to practice warfare against civilians 

Is their preferred investment rather than community care

Cries for affordable housing 

Answered by subsidizing cop housing in a remaining Black neighborhood (#NoCopHousing)

Guess gentrification wasn’t moving fast enough

Amerikkka will only practice forms of socialism for warfare

While murder still happens next door

While our Black babies still harassed in school, outta school

On the block, in the corner stores,

Kicked outta malls and skating rinks

Blackness pushed to the outskirts of society, I mean city

Yet we still stomp loudly proudly

Only for Blackness to pour out our souls and influence every piece of energy 

Cause Black culture is being exploited 

We be the seasoning savored in your favorite meal 

Our Light flooding every horizon yet our streets be the darkest

Souls touch in between our laughs on the porch

Dispersing sounds of liberation