What Really Matters— We Stand Up!

Ours are not the perspectives of unbiased observers. We are not neutral, non-partisan or non-aligned. We are not liberal, non-violent, peace seekers who simply want equality with our enemies, a piece of the pie, or to just be heard. We are freedom fighters committed to the idea that for good to triumph evil must be vanquished. We come to attack evil.

We do not want a place at the table. We are not trying to be respected, gain influence, or strive for the approval of our oppressors. We are not seeking aid, comfort, charity, or peace without justice. We are fighting for power and we know that REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. We come to rally our scattered and suffering people to the cause of revolution.

We Stand Up! We are not distressed by poverty, powerlessness, ignorance, or the disease our people suffer. We are not discouraged by sweltering multitudes trapped in overcrowded cities, looking for work that does not exist. We do not surrender to the frustration, hopelessness, and flourishing pain the People endure.   

We Stand Up! We are not intimidated by the vicious capitalist system that oppresses and exploits African people. We are not afraid of their armies, spies, or police. They fear us. We are the unseen resistance, planning in unknown meetings, where unheard voices bring the people together to fight.

We Stand Up! We hear ancient voices urging us to continue. We see hidden ways in our lack of means. We educate ourselves outside of their classrooms and empower ourselves outside of their boardrooms. We overcome divisions and are organizing the African mass into an international force for right.

We Stand Up! We face the rising sun to deliver this world from the beast. We master the night to the beat of unseen spirits, shaping songs from silent prayers. We share dreams in codes named Hip-Hop, Xhosa, Reggae and Creole. We feel instincts flowing from generations past, drawing us together, to love, to live, and to win.

We Stand Up! Summoning freedom fighters from shanty shacks, crumbling city streets and hidden dirt roads. The people in the shacks, cities, and dirt, are the ones that really matter. It does not matter if our awakening is captured on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. What matters is the billion African souls gathering in earnest to make a different tomorrow. What matters is the worldwide effort to kill injustice. What matters is the grave we dig for capitalism, sexism, racism, Zionism, and imperialism.

Join us! Within the misery, poverty and want, find what we need. Build unity, conquer liberty, and fight for a socialist tomorrow. Freedom will come from our unrelenting action. There is no time or space for pessimism, doubt, hopelessness, or despair. In this struggle, love for the people is all that really matters.

Stand Up!

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Profession: Muralist/Artist, Writer, Poet, Lecturer Politics: Revolutionary Pan-Africanist and cadre in the All African People's Revolutionary Party Interests: Africa, Culture, Philosophies of Liberation Studies: Advanced Revolutionary Thought Mission: One Love!