The Tragedy of the White Man’s World

After The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey

They police us
They kill us
They surveil us 
They colonize us
Yet we survive 
We thrive
We confide in 
the most high
So many things
On my mind
My heart 
My spirit 
So many things 
Said & unsaid 
Dead & undead 
So many things 
To do & to know
To see & to hear
So many things
To acknowledge 
To imagine 
So many things 
Sold & bought
Used & discarded
So many things
In this life 
There’s just 
So many things
Bags in hand trudging 
through evening fog
swallowed in the
arms of dimly lit 
pathways a cat 
lurking near over-
flowed dumpsters
head on swivel outlining
its next move 
Last week it was
below zero
today it’s 50 degrees
There’s no need 
to front
There’s no need 
to pretend
The white man’s
Is coming to 
an end
A captive nation
of 40 million souls
still living under 
the dictatorship of
white supremacy 
of the bourgeoise
helping our imperial
masters terrorize
& enslave the 
entire world 
I neither needed
The belt
Nor wealth
Nor to hate self
All I ever needed
Was some help
To be felt
Lord Jesus
The Black
Strike me with
One of those 
Lightning bolts
This life ain’t 
For me no more
I’m running 
Outta answers
And my sins 
Have come to
Devour me
My sorrow
Has come to
Drown me 
A dimension
That only God
Could dwell
A story that
Many will tell
Without cages
Without cells 
Horrified by this
Rotten evil
Settler colony
My people cry out
For freedom
For liberation
Yet we’re the
Only ones that 
Can make it 
A reality 
That will 
Bring it 
Into fruition