The Love of Revolution

In the streets, the people rise, 
Voices raised, they harmonize, 
A call for justice, a call for change, 
The winds of revolution start to range. 
A fire sparked, a flame ignites, 
As the people stand for their rights, 
Against the oppressor, against the foe, 
The revolution's seeds start to grow. 
In the factories, the workers toil, 
Their labor exploited, their efforts foil, 
But now they rise, with fists in the air,
Demanding justice, equality, and fair share.
The farmers and the peasants, too, 
Fed up with hunger, fed up with rue, 
Join the cause, march side by side, 
Against the ruling class, their will won't subside. 
And soon, the revolution spreads, 
From town to town, from heads to heads, 
The people united, they stand tall, 
And watch the old regime crumble and fall. 
For the socialist revolution has come, A 
new dawn rises, a new day begun, The 
people own the means of production, 
And build a society based on cooperation. 
No more exploitation, no more greed, 
No more hunger, no more need, 
The people work together, for each other,
And build a world where all can prosper. 
The socialist revolution, a path we choose, 
A vision of a future, free from abuse, A 
world of justice, a world of peace, 
Where all can thrive, and all can release.

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Tristan Graham is Pan Africanist author from Jamaica. His debut book "The Thoughts Of An Unchained Mind" details his various areas of study. Tristan is also only 20 years old and is member of AAPRP and the Left Alliance for National Democracy and Socialism (Jamaica).