We Are At War

When I say that “WE ARE AT WAR!” I do not speak of isolated fire fights, tactical skirmishes, guerrilla campaigns, terrorist attacks, or chemical assaults, though all of these are part of it. Nor do I speak of the armed struggles waged to liberate this or that colonial or neo-colonial territory, though these are clearly aspects of our fight. And while limited war, political campaigns and ongoing resistance are real, they are not the subject of this analysis. What I am talking about is the war between a whole people and the most rapacious system of human exploitation ever to assault a sector of the planet. This war of ours pits the masses of African people against a vicious capitalism characterized by white supremacy, imperialism, zionism and a host of social maladies. It is an international war between all of us and them. The well to do, the comfortable ones and those who aspire to be them (Wannabes) deny that this is war. They would have us believe that our 500 years of collective misery is the unfortunate consequence of civilization’s progress among us.

If we are honest this war has its roots in human frailty. It is the age-old battle between good and evil manifested in modern times. This struggle began among us before there was any such thing as Europe or the USA and can be traced back to the earliest manifestations of human greed, deceit and oppression. These seeds of human destruction, as the first instance of resistance to oppression, go back to ancient times. The destruction of these aspects of human activity will likely be the redemption of humanity.

In essence, this war is about our ethical foundations. Right and wrong, good and evil, the greater good versus elite privilege. There corresponds a relationship between thought and practice, words and deeds, ideas and realities. Before we can defeat our enemies on the battlefield we must defeat their ideas and principles in our hearts and minds. In this, we must accept that our words, ideas and principles must form the basis of our actions and allegiances. We have enemies and they are evil, wrong and against the best interest of our people. They must be destroyed and the war to destroy them is ideological before it is material and physical.

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