A Letter To Those Who Struggle

For Those Whom History Will Absolve,

Revolution is on the horizon comrades. Those of us in the deepest depths of the bottom barrel of society, all of the working women, men, and everyone who rejects the often simplistic, rigid, and patriarchal binary of those two categories are continuing the creation of, through resistance, the world we so desperately need and deserve. The beauty in this dialectical circumstance and the immeasurable bravery it requires to dismantle the capitalist world system does not blind you, naïveté about the task at hand does not exist because everyday that revolution remains on the horizon, it represents for you, an ongoing tragedy for 7+ billion souls and the earth which sustains them.

I write this from inside the belly of the beast, which can at times feel like the center of the world, like everything and the only things that matter happen here in this sick and decaying empire. The incredible hubris we’ve developed in the heart of a shit hole is fascinatingly dangerous. Despite the system’s best attempts, I remain humbled everyday that I get to share with you comrades a tiny little piece of the revolutionary winds which have danced for millennia and continue to embrace and push the most vulnerable in society to action. Nothing compares to learning from and with those who have chosen to fight against the forces that make revolution a global imperative.

I do not wish to take more of your time, for as Kwame Nkrumah once said, there is so much work to accomplish and so little time to accomplish it. My parting words are and can only be, revolution is on the horizon. I see you in the whirlwind, and I must say thank you for everything you’ve done, do, and will make happen. Stay organized and uncompromising in the advancement of humanity. May the struggle forever remain eternal. Peace and Forward.