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South Side Blues

It’s a family thing
To look the other way
To enable to grieve
To hurt to suffer
To trap to hustle
To fight to struggle
It’s a family thing
It must be a family thing

I don’t believe in ghosts
But I believe in spirits 
I don’t believe electoralism
But I believe in revolution 

Politics of the streets
That’s just the politics
Of the streets
Young people die 
And babies too
The police military
And intelligence agencies
Flood the streets 
With guns and drugs
Then watch as
Chaos ensues  
I’m no one’s puppet
I stand with the Creator
I stand with the people
You can’t prop me up
& dress me like a mannequin
You can’t pull my strings
Because I seek to
Be human again

How many more people
Will we lose before
We rise as one 
And determine
Our own destiny 
How much genocide 
How much murder
How much suffering
How much plunder
Before we unite as one
And take what is ours

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