Afrikan Stakeholder Syndrome & Loyalty to America

To make fundamental change in one’s environment requires fundamental internal change. The self-destructive, anti-Afrikan “programming” that is forced upon Afrikans (blacks) in America (AnAs) must be “turned around” to self-affirming, Afrikan Centered deep thought such that mass organization and institution building is normalized into an ongoing pan-Afrikan project.

Difficulties encountered in solving tough problems usually result from the lack of specific Afrikan-centered knowledge, values and skills (AKVS). Cultivation of AKVS requires the creation of the institutions necessary to bring about the internal revolution that will free Afrikan Consciousness from anti-Afrikan brainwashing and indoctrination.

Today, European (white) Republican elected officials aka capitalist agents are engaged in a well-organized, coordinated assault on the curriculum of public schools in America. Capitalist agents are removing Afrikan (black) history from public schools, especially the history of heroic struggle for justice and reparations in capitalist America.

Capitalists agents make the astonishing claim that Critical Race Theory is taught in K-12 schools and makes European (white) children feel bad! The fact is that CRT is only taught at the collegiate and university level. But, since many if not most people are completely unfamiliar with CRT, they are susceptible to political manipulation by fascist, anti-Afrikan MAGA leaders and their zombie followers. Consequently, Afrikan children in capitalist America will not learn about the ancestor’s heroic struggles for sovereignty, justice and reparations.

Afrikan children will not learn about the bloody, war-crazed feudal lords and capitalists that enslaved Afrikans, and committed genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Afrikan children will not learn about the endless imperial, colonial wars fought by elite European (white) men aka capitalists (EACs) mostly in the Americas, the Caribbean, Afrika and Asia.

Afrikan children will not learn about the heartless debt traps sprung on “nations”, in the Global South, especially Afrika, Central and South. America and Asia by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Afrikan children will not learn about the political structure of capitalism and the “deep state” that monopolize political and economic power into the hands of EACs.

Afrikan children will not learn the truth about Afrikan history, that Afrikan People established the baseline for human culture.

Instead, Afrikan children will learn the 1619 Project, which will constantly and erroneously remind them that the enslaved ancestors of AnAs “contributed”, “invested” and established “stakes” in capitalist America, thereby qualifying Afrikans (blacks) for a “cut” of the spoils of the brutal colonial wars and enslavement that made America “the greatest country in the world.” 

Of course, the obvious problem with this idea is that enslaved Afrikans were not volunteers. Many if not most enslaved Afrikans were victims of war and kidnapping, forcibly brought to the western hemisphere to grow crops, construct infrastructure and fight the enemies of European colonizers.

Consequently, the family of ideas used to control the dreams, aspirations and, most important, actions of Afrikans in America, “contribution”, “investment” and “stake” (CIS), do not apply because free will was not involved.

CIS constitutes “The Stakeholder Syndrome”, which manipulates Africans in America into tolerating and even supporting anti-Afrikan, Eurocentric politics. The aim here is to transform potential and actual radical Afrikans into Eurocentric conservatives, too afraid to “lose” the “contributions” and “investments” made by enslaved ancestors to engage in radical activities like mass organization and institution building.

Stakeholder Afrikans are extremely reluctant to engage in “radical” activities, preferring to follow instructions as disseminated in the Dominant Capitalist Narrative (DCN) so as to not lose the long-held “stake”.

Stakeholder Afrikans are content to sit by the door waiting on the European (white) master to open it.

Incessant false propaganda prevents Afrikans (blacks) from creating mass political organizations, leaving the People vulnerable to ruthless capitalist manipulation and exploitation. The enslaved ancestors of modern day Afrikans (blacks) in America were turned against all things Afrikan by way of torture, beatings, forced conversion to Christianity, indoctrination and acculturation.

Consequently, the cultures that empowered Afrikans on the continent to survive and prosper for millennia were lost in varying degrees to Afrikans in America and throughout the Scattering (colonization and slavery).

Thus, Afrikans in America are severely handicapped in the ongoing struggle for sovereignty, justice and prosperity because of the inability to come together into mass organizations that could fundamentally change capitalist America.

The Stakeholder Syndrome blocks the long desired changes sought by Afrikans (blacks) in America, making mass political organization and institution building very difficult.

Hopefully, the arguments here are so cogent that the “solution” is obvious. Afrikans in America must undergo internal revolution in order to change the bleak material conditions of the people in capitalist America.

The phrase “ime-ime” (pronounced “ee-may ee-may”) means “inside-out” in the Igbo language. The revolutionary societal change long desired by colonized Afrikans can only be realized by way of revolutionary change on the inside.

Ime-ime must be institutionalized and normalized such that the sick, anti-life societies that Afrikan People currently inhabit are fundamentally changed…forever!

Evolve the Revolution!

Fund the People!

The Marathon Continues!

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