Another United States Invasion Scheme in Haiti

Speaking at the 78th session of the United Nations General assembly on 19 September, President Biden called on the UN Security Council to immediately authorise the planned US invasion of Haiti. This demand made by Biden from  the podium of the UN underlines how determined the US is to launch its invasion and demonstrates that the occupation of Haiti and the plundering of its resources, including its rare earth iridium deposits,  are of the utmost importance to the US corporations and the US government which represents them.

From December 1914, when US marines invaded Haiti and literally stole its gold reserves from the national bank, to 2004 when they kidnapped the elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide and 2010 when it once again sent its troops into Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, the USA has given Haiti no peace, invading it time and again.

The current planned US/UN invasion is no different. Despite the lying propaganda that the US and its media outlets are spreading that, allegedly, the invasion is intended to benefit the Haitian people by addressing the problem of criminal gangs in that country, its real aims are clear. In reality, the US wants to invade Haiti to shore up the Ariel Henry government that it and its Core Group put in place both of which are completely rejected by the Haitian people.

The aim is to stabilise this government, which facilitates the US plunder of the country, by suppressing the opposition of the Haitian people to it. The so-called security mission, therefore, necessitates the shedding of the Haitian people’s blood to serve the interests of the US corporations. The justification for it, that the Haitian people are ‘helpless children’ who need to be rescued from criminal gangs by a ‘white saviour’ in the form of the US and UN, reveals the deeply racist nature of the whole undertaking.

Given this situation and mindful of the fact that another outright invasion of Haiti would completely expose them, particularly in light of their endless criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US policy makers have decided that they need Black governments to front the invasion for them. This further demonstrates the deeply racist nature of this project since the sole intention is to use these Black faces for the purpose of deflecting criticism of the racist nature of the invasion.

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin signs a defense pact with his Kenyan counterpart, Aden Duale, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Defence.

For nearly a year, US diplomats have searched high and low for a Black government to do its dirty work, applying intense pressure to governments in the African Union [AU] and CARICOM. Eventually, William Ruto, president of Kenya, volunteered his government for the role. The treachery of Ruto is all the more galling as he hails from a country which gave the world Didan Kimathi and his heroic Land and Freedom Army  (called the Mau Mau by the British) that, arms in hand, took on the British colonialists in the struggle to achieve Kenya’s independence. Today, Ruto drags Kenya’s name in the mud by sending that country’s troops to suppress the Haitian people who also had to win their freedom by taking up arms against their European enslavers. There is no doubt that the Kenyan people will hold this traitor to account.

The US delight at Ruto’s decision was immediately obvious. President Biden publicly thanked him from the UN podium. Then the US announced that it would fund the invasion and set aside a budget of US$100 million for this purpose. It also announced that it would train the Kenyan troops and, on 25 September, it despatched its Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, to Nairobi where he signed a bilateral defence co-operation agreement with Kenya. What is not yet in the public domain is what money passed hands in the dark so that Kenyan troops could be sent to Haiti to shed the blood of their brothers and sisters.

However, the treachery did not end with Ruto. On 27 September, local media reported that the Barbados government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley would also take part in the planned US/UN attack on Haiti. Mottley has styled herself as an outspoken critic of the unjust international order and defender of small island developing states, the Caribbean and Africa.  Her government’s decision to take part in this US organised racist attack on Haiti, likely coordinated by the US SouthCom and it’s Barbados based Regional Security System, exposes those claims as a complete fraud.  

There is no justification for the US to launch another racist attack on Haiti and everyone should condemn and oppose it.

No to the US/UN invasion of Haiti!

Hands off Haiti!