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Voting and the Illusion of Democracy

Democracy is not possible under capitalism. The very nature of the beast is that capital,  profit, is concentrated in the hands of an engorged minority who use it to further enrich  themselves at the expense of the vast majority of the world’s people, and to the detriment  of planet Earth herself. 

Poor and working class people cannot participate in this wealth-driven process because  we have been locked out of the all-important ability to acquire sufficient wealth to  determine our own destiny. Still, under capitalism, a system that can more accurately be  called “profitism”, we have been indoctrinated to believe with all our hearts that we live in a democracy. To preserve this imbalance of power where greed and racism reign supreme, capitalists have utterly convinced us that socialism is the enemy of freedom and  democracy.  

At the heart of this erroneous belief, this destroyer of liberty, is the belief that voting under  capitalism is the same thing as democracy. In other words, we have been led to believe  that democracy is defined by holding regularly scheduled elections. As a result, we have  been duped into confusing democracy with going to the polls and voting for first one  wealthy politician, then another, in a two-party, capitalist-controlled system. And,  believing that we live in a democracy because we go vote, we have been convinced to  defend profitism at all costs. 

Voting is not synonymous with democracy. True democracy requires that the people, a  society’s majority, govern. Do we govern?  

No. Democracy is not the provision to vote. Democracy under capitalism is a cruel illusion. 

The toppling of capitalism and the institution of socialism, under which true democracy is  possible, will not magically happen overnight. Therefore, in the meantime, we have to do  our best to spend our votes more judiciously to better safeguard the needs of the poor,  working class and disenfranchised among us. That means running and supporting socialist  candidates, independent candidates, or if our conscience dictates, withholding our vote  altogether. In this corrupt two-party capitalist system, where we do not have one person,  one vote democracy, our vote counts for little and always will. So long as we understand  that we do not live in a democracy, we can be motivated to begin to create a more  democratic society right now. Once we destroy the illusion that we live in a democracy,  we can be more purposeful, more directed and more effective with our vote. 

Afro Metaphysics advocates Black Power Socialism® as a way forward toward creating  freedom and justice for ourselves. Liberating ourselves. We, Black people, are not tied to  defining any system, including socialism, by how it has operated under a global White  power structure in whose hands wealth has been concentrated. If not in the hands of the  profiteers, then in the hands of the State apparatus. Both systems breed corruption.  Instead, we are free to, and capable of, defining Black Power Socialism for ourselves.  Black Power Socialism invites us to conduct our lives communally by creating a system of  cooperation and self-sufficiency of our own design, implemented in our own  communities, organizations and workplaces. 

While the eventual liberation from capitalist oppression and its concomitant effects of racism and exploitation may seem impossible under the current conditions, it is not. Black  liberation will be achieved by our belief that it can be done. That is the advantage that  practicing metaphysical principles gives us. When we believe that we can achieve the  justice we want, and act on that belief, there is no force that can stop us.

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