Zionism in Haiti: Israel Exporting an Apartheid State

If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its “divine” mission to rule all other nations with a rod of ironsmore firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers.

These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the African masses into submitting willingly to their “divine” authority and guidance, without the African masses being aware that they are still colonized.”

Malcolm X, “Zionist Logic”

Someday the army and government of Israel will ask us for forgiveness for what their men did in our land, unleashing the genocide. I will hug them and they will cry for the murder of Auschwitz and Gaza, and for the Colombian Auschwitz.

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, Twitter

Zionist bombs continue to drop on the homes of occupied Palestinians at a greater rate than ever observed in human history. The fascist, Zionist entity has entered into its darkest era, as Zionist politicians, industry leaders, and business magnates openly call for the extermination of the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank, and around the world

Israel’s genocidal actions towards the Palestinians are not devoid of historical context, reason, or strategy. BDS Organizer Alys Samson Estapé calls Israel the “Model Coercive State,” a repressive power that experiments with oppression on the Palestinian people to serve security entities around the world. The country of nine million people is responsible for 10% of the world’s exports of arms and military technologies. But it does not just sell weapons – Israel builds deep connections with repressive regimes to mold policy, international military strategy, and policing to fit its molds. That is to say, Israel exports its system of repression to right-wing, authoritarian forces across the globe. Its outstretched role in arms sales, military cooperation, and economic influence globally suggest that Israel is not only the lynchpin to US/Western foreign policy in the Middle East, but around the planet.

There are countless examples of this. In the United States, not only do pro-Israel lobbyists pay millions of dollars to hundreds of politicians to enact pro-Israel policies, Israeli security forces and corporations directly shape the militarization of US police forces. In 2020, the pro-Israeli Anti Defamation League recommended a pause to its US-Israeli police exchange program, in which they took responsibility for such cross-trainings’ outsized role in militarizing US police. Israeli military and economic exploitation stretches further into the world. Yet some African talking heads, like Dr. Umar Johnson, suggest that the Israeli genocide of Palestine is an issue that only affects Arab peoples. This could not be farther from the truth.

In Congo, Israel trades weapons for blood diamonds mined by child laborers. In Ethiopia, Israel carried out a mass sterilization campaign against Ethiopian Jews who moved to Israel. Israel armed Hutu militants in the build-up to the Rwandan genocide, seeing them as ‘natural allies’ against the Tutsi peoples. Israel takes thousands of laborers from Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka to work low-wage, dangerous jobs. Israel is a white power regime, from its foundation, that engages in settler colonial aggression against the Palestinians and political/economic exploitation of the Global South in general to advance a global politics of repression. The Zionist military apparatus invests heavily into the settler-colonial project of global subjugation and exports it around the world. Gustavo Petro, left-wing president of Colombia, recently expelled the Zionist embassy from Colombia, citing their support of genocide in Gaza and in Colombia. Bolivia has expelled Israel from its chambers. Cuba and Venezuela have supported Palestine’s victory over the Zionist entity for decades. Latin America is coming to a wider consensus: Israel is the friend of the right-wing dictators and US corporations that have occupied the Americas, and hence an enemy to the peoples of Latin America.

Israel’s goals in Latin America relate broadly to its strategic use by the United States and Western powers.The Zionist entity serves as a lynchpin for the US’s interests broadly, as a ‘beachhead’ for Western foreign policy in the Middle East. Outside of the Arab world, the Zionist entity acts as a global actor with a global reach. The Zionists were historically renowned for their constant support of the South African, white power Apartheid state throughout the 1970s. Not only did the Zionist entity arm, train, and support the South African police & military forces, it armed, trained, and supported pro-colonial bandits & child soldiers across Angola, Mozambique, and Southwest Africa. All this is to say that the Zionist entity’s military ambitions extend far beyond its borders. 

History does not look favorably on the regimes Israel has supported—the narcos in Colombia, the Nazis of Paraguay, the right wing Guatemalans. More recently, in November of 2023, far right president-elect Milei of Argentina embraced Neo-Nazis, Israel, and the United States as his key allies. This speaks to the dual nature of the Zionist regime’s role in world politics: First, it acts as a deniable asset, a mercenary gun, for the United States’ imperial ambitions across the world, second  it serves to obscure and minimize the US’s outstretched role in world affairs. Thus, the Zionist Entity can act as a ‘forward operating base’ for the United States’ interests, using their experience in fascist repression and destructive technology perfected on the oppressed Palestinian people. 

Zionist mercenary ‘defense’ companies exchange arms, munitions, and military support in exchange for political favors. As Yohanah Ramati, former head of the Knesset foreign relations committee said, “Israel is a pariah state. When people ask us for something, we cannot afford to ask questions about ideology. The only type of regime that Israel would not aid would be one that is anti-American. Also, if we can aid a country that it may be inconvenient for the US to help, we would be cutting off our nose to spite our face not to.”  The explicit foreign policy goals of Israel are to trade political favors with pro-US regimes, especially when it is unpopular for the US to do so publicly. In this way, Israel acts as a deniable asset for US interests, obscuring the US’s unilateral imperial aims by supporting the US from the shadows.

By fostering a brutal, pro-US apparatus in the Middle East and around the globe, Israel workes to divide-and-conquer the colonized world, aiding in genocidal anti-indigenous and anti-communist campaigns in Latin America while engaging in ethnic cleansing broadly in Palestine, the Middle East, and the African world. In exchange for the sale of its bloody regime, the Zionist entity receives international political support and unabated access to resources for Israeli corporations and conglomerates. The Zionist entity specifically empowers unpopular, right-wing regimes in a bid to aid the United States in its global goal of “full-spectrum dominance,” the complete military control of the entire world.

If the Zionist entity is the ‘beachhead’ for Western hegemony, what happens when it comes into contact with Haiti, termed by scholar Jemima Pierre as ‘Empire’s Laboratory’? Israel’s position in Haiti exemplifies its broader policy goals: To create Iron Walls of highly-armed, politically aligned elites to aid in the subjugation of entire populations. Haiti faces a crisis manufactured by Western politicians. Haitians are kept impoverished by a corrupt political and economic elite. Haitians are repeatedly occupied by Western militaries—wherein systematic brutalities against the Haitian people are committed. And now, Haiti is being surrounded and closed: US/Kenyan troops would occupy the major ports of Haiti while the Dominican Republic massacres Haitian civilians at its ever-militarizing border. The parallels to Gaza are striking. One can’t help but wonder: is the West turning Haiti into Gaza, into an open air concentration camp for the Haitian people? Beyond these parallels, what are the connections between the fascist state of Israel, the United States, and the neocolonial puppet governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic? 

Zionist political adventures in Haiti further reflect the shifting priorities of the Western Axis of Domination today.  Imperial powers’ priorities move towards continued occupation and repression of the Global South as a whole. Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza only heightens the stakes for the world: the Zionist repressive apparatus, the ‘iron wall’ of bayonets and bombs that they build and export around the world, can go from a slow, hidden genocide to an open war of extermination in an instant. For Haiti, which has faced countless occupations from Western powers and political isolation from its neighbors, the increasingly violent means of repression forced on their people have long-term consequences. The Zionist regime has a long arc of supporting repression on the Ayitian island, arming the repressive regimes of Papa Doc and Rafael Trujilio. As the Dominican Republic expands its militarized apartheid regime against the Haitian people, it finds critical aid in the Zionist regime, who arms them, trains their soldiers, and exploit the Haitian people to the benefit of Israeli and Western corporations. 

The Zionist security apparatus is held together by an extensive network of international support, but in Haiti, it is spearheaded by the zionist imperialist billionaire, Gilbert Bigio. The Bigio family is the Honorary Consul for Israel in Haiti, a position which answers to the Israeli Ambassador to the Caribbean Islands. In the aftermath of Haiti’s 2010, that ambassador in charge of Israel’s mission to the Caribbean was Amos Radian. Bigio was his representative as honorary consul. Bigio’s personal mansion sports a large Israeli flag, and he has been charged with protecting Zionist interests in Haiti. As honorary consul for the Zionist entity, Bigio amassed a tremendous amount of economic resources, and he is also under investigation by the Canadian government for trafficking arms through his organization the GB (Bigio Group). The GB Group employed the former Israeli ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Amos Radian as Chief Business Officer. Amos Radian co-directed the IDF military expedition into Haiti in 2010 with Reuven Bigio, the son of Gilbert Bigio. In fact, after Gilbert Bigio resigned from the honorary consulship, his son Reuven Bigio, assumed the position of  the honorary consul of the Zionist entity in Haiti. Gilbert’s son, Reuven is also the current chairman of the GB Group, a family seeped in imperialist greed for Haiti’s rich land and resources. 

The GB conglomerate has extensive land and infrastructure holdings across Haiti and the Caribbean more broadly. GB is one of the largest sellers of oil in the Caribbean, the second-largest manufacturer in Haiti, and owner of multiple private ports, airports, and roads across Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Its extensive reach into both Haitian and Dominican politics cannot be overstated. Vicki J. Huddleston, a retired US ambassador to Africa and Haiti, described the GB group as part of the island’s “Morally Repugnant Elites,” powerful decisionmakers who purposefully drain Haiti of resources and sovereignty. She said, “This tiny white or whitish minority controls the resources of the country.They control the resources, and they’re not terribly good about putting them back into the country.”

One such resource is the Lafito international port. Touted as a ‘free-trade zone,’ this private port effectively accommodates the private interests of Haiti’s elite. It is also a hotbed for international arms shipping and trafficking. The private port was built by the Bigio Group as a promise to ‘create jobs and stimulate the economy.’ Between 2016 and 2017, dozens of illegal weapons were found in shipments at the Latifo port in random searches from the Haitian police.1 How many more have flowed in from the port to the gangs in Port-au-Prince, which lies immediately to the south? And are these actions by the Bigio Group—privatizing Haitian resources, widening the gap between rich and poor, and facilitating the shipment of arms to gangs—what Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic meant when he said that Bigio makes Israel “look good”? Is the Bigio conglomerate’s support of Israel in Haiti since 1947 representative of how Israel views the Haitians?

Zionist soldiers have also been accused of the theft of organs from Haitians in their military hospitals.2 After the earthquake in 2010, the Israeli Defense Force responded by sending a military search-and-rescue team to establish a field hospital. Not only did this Israeli force coordinate with the ongoing occupation forces in Haiti (then headed by Brazil with notable participation from the US and Canada), it was directly under the command of Amos Radian (then ambassador of Israel to the Dominican Republic) and Reuven Bigio (current chair of the Bigio Group). As organ trafficking spearheaded by the ‘morally repugnant elites’ of Haiti surges today, the IDF’s history of organ theft bears striking resemblance.

Investigation efforts into the harvesting of Haitian organs by zionist soldiers have been quashed and closed by Western powers and institutions. UK Member of Parliament Jenny Tonge called for an investigation into the IDF’s actions in Haiti, after which she was blacklisted and fired from her position. Harvesting and trafficking organs is something the IDF has been reportedly doing in Occupied Palestine. Yehuda Hiss, Chief Pathologist of the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine until 2005, said that Israel had taken eyes, skin, and internal organs from Israeli soldiers, civilians, and Palestinians without their families’ knowledge or consent for years. In fact, the Israeli Skin Bank is the largest skin bank in the world, Zionist mercenaries have been implicated in the trafficking of organs globally, leading to development of one of the largest illegal organ markets in the world. Further investigation into these allegations is certainly necessary, given Israel’s attempts to quash any investigation into the IDF’s massive organ banks. However, given Israel’s extensive history of relations with right-wing Dominican leadership and Zionist elites to militarily oppress Haitians, it is clear that the founding of a token field hospital and search-and-rescue operation 6 was, at best, a callous public relations opportunity for the State of Israel to use the suffering of the Haitian people as a stepping stone for political influence. With the IDF directly aligned with the Bigio family and the GB Group, the ‘altruism’ of the Zionist military must come into question. 

Put differently, the Israeli foreign diplomats, military, and corporations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are publicly connected to political corruption, gang violence, and economic manipulation by Haitian elites. There is a clear pattern of collusion between Zionist political and government officials, organized crime in Haiti, and the militarization of Haiti’s land and maritime borders by Dominican-US forces. 

Further, the Dominican Republic’s growing policies of militarization and enmity towards the Haitian people, reflected in the economic and military policy, are directly influenced by Zionist leadership. The Zionist elites of Ayiti today, with the United States’ and Israel’s support, moves arms to Haiti’s paramilitaries to create the same pretext. Like with the Palestinian case, the West has a puppet regime in the unelected, illegal Ariel Henry government and a permanent boogeyman in the paramilitaries, both of which provide the pretext for an occupation of Haiti by Western forces, a militarized border with the Dominican Republic, and the seizure of Haitian sovereignty over land, natural resources, and labor. Israel similarly manufactures consent for its own occupation of Palestine as a pretext to expand its settlements, control Palestine’s natural resources, and openly abuse the Palestinian people en masse.

The Dominican Republic has also spearheaded an intensifying campaign of segregation and apartheid between itself and Haiti. Most recently,  Narciso Isa Conde, a Dominican Marxist revolutionary who fought against the Trujilio dictatorship over DR, compares the border wall between DR and Haiti to the Gazan wall explicitly, saying: “The Smart Fence here is a small carbon copy of the fence that has surrounded the Gaza Strip.”3 This is no coincidence—the Israeli Government has had a direct hand in the creation and maintenance of this border wall since its proposal. In 2021, Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic said that Israel wants to directly influence the strategy and technology of the Dominican border apparatus.  “We want to be part of it, it must be understood that the majority of investment will remain in the country and the companies that will work on the project will be Dominican, even if the technology is Israeli.” The militarized border provides greater access of natural resources to Western multinational conglomerates. The Dominican Government has granted Canadian mining firms Unigold and Barrick Gold extensive access to the mineral resources of the Dominican Republic.4  The Dominican Republic has further awarded an Israeli corporation contracts to redesign the Dominican Republic’s entire water system. This move completely turns over the water resources of the Dominican Republic, and thus the bulk of the Ayitian island, to Zionist industry and private corporate rule. Political support for right-wing, racist ideologies goes hand-in-hand with the capitalist aims of corporate control of land, resources, and labor of a global market Resource control is only one part of the equation, as the Zionist military also closely supports the right-wing militaristic overtures of the Dominican defense apparatus.

The militarization of the Dominican-Haitian border is an ongoing source of tension between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Scholar Simon Rodriguez directly compared the conditions of the Dominican Republic and Haiti to the Zionist Entity and Palestine.

It’s seven in the morning, and the day’s first light casts long shadows on the dirt roads of the batey. Two hours away from Santo Domingo, the rural community with roots in sugar cane has continued to grow despite being abandoned a quarter century ago by the Consejo Estatal del Azúcar, the state body overseeing sugar mill operations. One family has spent the night in funeral prayers, and the deceased woman’s son—who we’ll call Armando to protect his safety—heads out to get something for breakfast. When he returns, he hears shouts from eight police officers surrounding the house. Two young people are already detained, and the police are requesting documents from the others. Nobody tries to flee. “Why are they taking people away?” Armando questions, trying to film. “There are no criminals here!”

“Documents, moreno!” an officer yells at him, swiping to snatch away his cell phone. Armando’s brother-in-law knows one of the police and intervenes to prevent his arrest. Armando hands over his ID. “Are you in the military?” the officer asks, pointing to the words on the back of the card: “No vota.” They let Armando go and release one of the two detainees. They take the other to the police station, where they demand a ransom of 30,000 pesos, approximately $550. The man is the husband of one of Armando’s cousins. The family cannot pay, and the man is deported. Days later he will return, paying other police and soldiers along the way to be allowed to pass.

Apartheid-like policy in the Dominican Republic has only grown as the border becomes more militarized. The border has been shut down, Haitians trapped at the border at gunpoint, while the Dominican Republic threats to open an illegal canal to seize water resources from Haiti.. One cannot ignore the influence of the Israeli government corpotocracy, here. Israeli corporations design the water systems and the border wall. Israeli soldiers train the military and secret police. Israeli corporations steal Haitian water from behind a militarized border, with an eerie similarity to their control of water in Gaza. Israel is beyond complicit in the apartheid regime of the Dominican Republic, it is an actor in the background directly influencing policy through leveraging weapons & defense systems to a far-right government, as it has always done.

Dominican secret police and military police have an extensive history of cooperation with Israeli military authorities. The US-based National Police Defense Foundation celebrates its close ties with its intermediaries in the Dominican Republic and Israel. Israel has provided extensive training seminars to the Dominican National Police Force, a police organization now under scrutiny for its renewed mass-violence against Hatians and deeply melanated residents of any nationality. 

The Dominican-Zionist connection is not a new one. It is no coincidence that the Hitler of The Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujilio, was honored with a Hebrew Bible as a “friend of Israel” by the Zionist state in 1957. Trujillo accepted thousands of Jewish refugees from the Nazi regime to the Dominican Republic as a part of his plan for “whitening” the DR. In addition to encouraging the mass migration of Europeans to the island, he organized mass acts of violence against black Dominicans and Haitians in the Dominican Republic. One such example was the Parsley Massacre of 1937, wherein Trujilio-led military forces massacred over thirty thousand Haitians living in the DR. This policy of Dominican violence towards Haitians continues today, resulting in a militarized apartheid society where Haitians and deeply melanated Dominicans are at the bottom of the social totem pole. The mass slaughter of Haitians and Afro-Dominicans was accompanied by the seizure of their resources by major international conglomerates. This is to say, Israel directly supports the growing regime of apartheid in the Dominican Republic, and arms, trains, and helps shape the violent, racist regime of the DR as it again commits ethnic cleansing against the Haitian people. The similarities between Gaza and Haiti are not just eerie; they represent the new order that the Zionist entity and the US want to build on the Ayitian island. This order places black Haitians at the bottom, routinely murdering civilians and stealing resources from the Haitian people, while a heavily armed, right-wing security apparatus invades, contests, and exploits the Haitian people. 

When the walls are built by Israeli and US corporations, when the weapons are sold by Israeli and US agents, when the police and soldiers are trained by the Israeli military, when the resources are stolen by Zionist megacorporations, Israel’s complicity in the global war against the Haitian people cannot be ignored. Israeli military diplomacy educates, trains, and supports the global forces of occupation against Indigenous and African peoples who struggle for self-determination, self-respect, and human rights. Haiti is one such example, wherein Israeli agents and allies deprive Haitians of material wealth while arming & training the paramilitaries and right wing DR military that murder Haitians with impunity. It is this system of occupation, looting, and escalation of military violence that Israel claims as its greatest export. Just as early Zionists compared the Israeli project to the imperial, colonial project of Great Britain, the modern Zionist project is openly allied with white power racists. In Ayiti, Israel exports not only weapons, but also an entire system of missile systems, island-wide surveillance, and an ideological apparatus wherein a small, white-Zionist minority controls the resources of the Ayitian territory through use of arms, border walls, and advanced military surveillance. That is to say, Israel exports the means and resources to commit genocide to right-wing allies with genocidal ambitions. 

Haiti is an example of this. Here, Israeli corporations and Zionist political elites collude with US interests to enclose Haitians at the border, and facilitate mass theft of resources while arming Haitian gangs. Under these conditions, Haiti resembles Gaza; an open-air prison where a highly advanced military constantly invents the pretext for its perpetual occupation. Through the Zionist entity, the West has been arming the paramilitaries, arming the dictators, and stealing the resources of the Haitian territory, while in designing the architecture of a vast apartheid state in the background. Through these actors, a sophisticated web of neocolonial influence that the Zionist entity wields on the island completely undermines any notion of sovereignty for the Haitian people. Israel and its Western allies have a powerful ‘market’ in Ayiti, a population of oppressed people that the Zionist entity and Western corporations can continue to grow rich exploiting. 

Solidarity with the Palestinians against the Israeli genocide becomes doubly important. Israeli foreign policy and arms shipments undermine the sovereignty of nations around the world, directly investing in the oppression of others.  Not only is Israel committing genocide against a nation of people in Palestine, which is horrid enough to deserve condemnation from people who believe in justice around the world. More nefariously, Israel supports genocides, occupations, and the excesses of military imperialism the whole world over, especially targeted against the African peoples. Zionist institutions bury and obscure the evidence, but the truth is clear: Israel’s aggression extends beyond the Palestinians to Africans, Indigenous people, and the nations of the Third World at large. Through a multipronged strategy of corporate, military, and political consolidation against the Haitian people, Zionists assist the US and the right-wing Dominican government in their project of humiliation and occupation of Haiti. 

From this vantage point, the Palestinian resistance to Israeli terrorist occupation becomes a blueprint for global resistance to imperialism. Armed with the knowledge that Zionists export their tactics and technologies of mass control and mass repression across the African and colonized world. It is through concrete investigation that we learn: All struggles against oppression are literally connected. At the heart of genocidal conflict around the world lies a small, white, Western-Zionist elite that exploits Black people and territories to advance its avaricious aims. Both Haiti and Palestine resist the advances of Western colonialism and neocolonialism. And it is the Zionist entity that seeks to destroy them both. Imperialism must not prosper. A mass struggle of a United people against colonization will triumph against the forces of genocide. But only if, as Malcolm X says, oppressed people identity with each other and Our struggles around the world. 



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