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They Forget Rome Fell 

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do you feel the breaking too?
the pothole marrying your forehead to the dash the piss soaked city sopping up the cash
the abhor peeling away the golden gleam
your closest branches splintered in their pursuits
the red Sea split,
Babel fell.
do you feel the breaking too?
900 news channels rap all the same
900 thou rappers rap all the same
i’m jolted by fear that there is nothing left to say that we left liberation to loiter with ‘could’
Nineveh was never presented, 
Sodom and Gomorrah fell.
do you feel the breaking too?
the bread and pedialyte locked in a cage
mamas desperation brings mind to irt with craze time whipping rocking n mocking our games
we try to tell the breaking: hush now, Shoo!
And one hot, holy day,
do you feel the breaking too?
cry pity, for cop city, sold o 1033
babies of the nth world grieve with silent screams the violent TV, plot denouement Israeli resigning the placidity that justice is clean
Egypt relented.
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