If Isr*el Dropped A Bomb On A Dog Shelter

By Landon Smith

Hillary Clinton would call it genocide a minute later
Jill Biden would slap the Senility back into Joe and his
condemnation would be swift
Cop Kamala would call Netanyahu a monster and demand he be
brought in front of the ICC
The New York Times would bold letter a denunciation about the
horrors and inhumanity
How could they
What kind of person would fire missiles indiscriminately into a
shelter of innocent dogs who have done nothing but try to live and
The BBC would invite Israeli officials on air and tell them there are
certain lines you don’t cross and bombing dogs is one of them
The calls for divesting from Israel would be swift as their actions
could be deemed inhumane and criminal and moral justification
can’t be found for something so heinous
Colleges would put out statements about how students must be
feeling so many feelings right now, especially those who own dogs
themselves or have family members who own dogs, and that they
are supported in their actions to condemn such a rogue state
Puma would say they can’t do business in such a morally corrupt
Starbucks would close all of its locations and say even they know
that’s crossing the line
The marches in the streets would be taken seriously
and the opposite of progress would have the first unanimous vote to
say Israel has gone too far and that there is no way they couldn’t
have known who they were bombing
or known what they were doing

or that intent would be easy to prove
The UN would declare a genocide and actually do something about
If Israel dropped a bomb on a dog shelter…

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Landon Smith (he/him) is a father, a professor, a poet, half Mende and half Balanta & Fulani, the amethyst geode on your desk, Angela Davis' afro, Frantz Fanon's pocket notebook, Walter Rodney’s fingernail, your favorite pillow. Despite his institutional degrees, he really became a poet through the East Side Arts Alliance in Oakland. Landon thanks Black Freighter press for publishing his first book - No Bedtime Stories of Soil. Abolish all prisons and police.