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A Call for the Respect of Haitian Popular Sovereignty

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA. 19 March 2024 – We denounce the ongoing attempts by Western imperialists to force an armed intervention and another illegitimate government on the Haitian people, as well as the collaboration of regional institutions in this intervention.

After months of the U.S., Core Group, and other imperialist collaborators working to execute an armed intervention into Haiti that they are now calling a “Multinational Security Service,” ex-de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned from his illegitimately-held position. Those countries calling for military intervention – the U.S., France, Canada – have created the conditions making military intervention appear necessary and inevitable. Now, this same imperialist cabal wants to appoint a favorable “transitional government,” without input from the Haitian people.

As organizations of the Zone of Peace Campaign, we also denounce the role of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) working in collaboration with Western imperialists to deny the Haitian people their national sovereignty and collective self-determination. CARICOM has continued to betray the people of Haiti – in their support of western intervention, through select states’ choice to send troops to Haiti, and by including western imperialists in “negotiations” to which popular Haitian movements and organizations were not invited. CARICOM must reverse its position to one that opposes armed intervention into Haiti, and supports the efforts of the Haitian people to assert their sovereignty and reclaim their country.

We also remind all peoples and organizations of our hemisphere about the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States’ (CELAC) 2014 declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean as a ‘Zone of Peace.’ We recognize the recent CELAC statement by President Pro-Tempore Xiomara Castro, who declared that any “military action that violates the Principle of Non-Intervention and the Respect of Popular Self-Determination” in Haiti must be rejected, and we urge the CELAC “Troika” of Honduras, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and Colombia to stand firm against imperialist aggression and intervention. It is clear that guaranteeing a true Zone of Peace in Our Americas requires a rejection of imperialist intervention in Haiti and all of our nations. This also requires a recognition of the human dignity of the people of Haiti and refusal to succumb to sensationalist western media and politicians that dehumanize Haitians and disregard the longstanding, organized popular mobilizations against imperialist aggression. 

In addition to rejecting imperialist interventions and militarism, the call for a Zone of Peace in Our Americas means prioritizing People(s)-Centered Human Rights (PCHRs) in the Americas by observing the principles of national sovereignty, equal rights and self-determination of peoples. These are principles that must be defended through popular struggle. We, thus, support the statement of our comrades in MOLEGHAF, calling for organization and unity of revolutionary forces in Haiti against imperialist machinations.

Finally, we recognize and appreciate the forceful words of solidarity by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during and after the most recent CELAC meeting, which recognized that the current crisis is the result of western intervention and imperialist violence. President Maduro also called for “comprehensive economic and social support” and solidarity, instead of an intervention that will only cause more bloodshed.

As organizations of the Zone of Peace Campaign, we recently gathered in Bogota, Colombia, and agreed on the urgent need to support the people of Haiti and their popular mobilizations against ongoing imperialist violence. We call on all progressive, radical, and revolutionary movements and organizations across the Americas to support the Haitian people’s popular sovereignty and self-determination, to reject the “Multinational Security Support” mission, and to struggle for a peoples-centered Zone of Peace in Haiti and in all of Our Americas. 

Hands Off Haiti!


Organizations of the Zone of Peace Campaign:

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