pronouns are n o t  a part of the definition of my gender 

Bell defines what gender means to Bell

pronouns don’t define my gender 

starfish, octopi, elephants, ants, bees, 

blue jays, cattle, mountains, and clouds define my gender 

fear no longer defines my gender 

abuela thank you for your endless guidance 

gender in this capitalist society is a “science” 

i’ll always lean into your valiance

my love for community, collective solidarity, 

revolution,communalism, define my gender 

Pan-Africanism is one unified Africa under scientific socialism

and it’s a part of my gender 

Pan-Africanism is our collective destiny 

and only then we, Africans, will know serenity 

self reflection define my gender and definitely my imperfection 

egalitarian is a part of my gender identity

gender is endless, always changing, and 


how do you define your gender?