Image contains AI generated artwork

My enemies are those who run from the sun

Those who bleed the green of the earth for a cheap knockoff, my enemies are the pigs who walk n talk n shoot but don’t die, the middle man who keeps a hand in the shit and another in the soap but greets you with both,

the banker who put a dollar value on your human need,
the store that tags made-up numbers on our essentials, stringin’ along workers with paychecks as neckties,

the government building audaciously standing in the way of us planting something useful, the armchair charlatans who’ll break it all down live from the couch while ain’t a soul in the community vouch for em,

the apolitical artist who’d rather see a comma on a check than their community on the come up, my enemies are those who smile upon yesterday and pray it’s reborn as tomorrow!!! My enemy is my reflection who sits stagnant when he must struggle!!!