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African Liberation Day Remarks from Florida (2024)

We Africans all over the world, and especially here in the heart of this terrible imperial power called the United States, must remember that the fight against settler colonialism is a shared struggle. Zionism and its colonial roots must be eradicated wherever it is found in the world, and we know that it is deeply entangled with us here in Florida. Fifty million dollars were spent to put a police HQ here in this historic Parramore neighborhood so that they may practice the surveillance and oppression techniques taught to them by the genocidal Israeli occupation forces.

I’d like to share a piece of a speech by Kwame Ture, a man born in the same city as my father and an ancestor whose wisdom persists.

“The capitalist system will do everything possible to confuse the people. The job of the system is to demobilize you. That is its job. Its job is to undermine your will. Its job is to make you think that even though you see bad everywhere, even though you see corruption everywhere, there is nothing you can do about it. After all, you are just one person, and you ain’t no great man. The best thing you can do is hope that they leave you alone—maybe you can go get a big farm somewhere alone where nobody can touch you. NO, you must struggle. If you struggle for justice, you can never lose even if they kill you. WAKE UP. 

Once you are struggling for justice, you can never be defeated. The only way you can be defeated is if you surrender. There can be no surrender when one struggles for justice. The capitalist system seeks to demobilize you using every possible thing in its hand to twist, confuse, and demobilize you. Look at what it does with history, look at the way the American capitalist system presents history. The way history is presented, it’s presented as if you yourself are some passive object. It’s presented as great dates that happened by and led forward always by great men, and if you are not a great man, then you can’t do anything anyway. STUPIDITY. History is not made by any one man or any one woman. History is only made by the masses of the people. It is the people and the people alone that make history, not any one great individual. Once you begin to clearly see this concept and to understand this concept, then you will not only know that you can make history, you will know that you have a responsibility to make history. The system makes you irresponsible without you even being aware of it. What it does to the people in general history is so terrible, but what it does in particular to the history of the African is tragic. The African living in America is ashamed of Africa. WHY? Because history is presented to him by the enemy: bourgeois theoreticians and capitalist institutions. His history is written for him by those who seek to uphold and defend the backward capitalist system. Thus, when he even comes to talk about Africa, he is ashamed of Africa. Why? Like the man who hates communism, he knows nothing about it.”

**Kwame Ture— Georgia speech 1979**

These are surely historic times that we are living in. Support for Palestine continues to grow, especially material support from her closest anti-imperial allies. We say glory to the resistance. Now, we’ve seen students in the States begin to recognize the US’ role in the genocide and make concrete demands against it. We see that the Sahel is rising as the alliance of African states continues to throw off their colonial fetters. I think of our ancestors in Ayiti who first showed us the way, and I pray that they continue to guide our cousins on the island as the colonial boot threatens to kick again. If you don’t know where you are coming from, you don’t know where you are going. We must ORGANIZE. We must learn and maintain our revolutionary history and continue the work of educating and inspiring the people just as Kwame Ture did, just as Kwame Nkrumah did. These honored ancestors founded the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, and their spirit is kept alive by our comrades here today. Thank you to the A-APRP for hosting this celebration of African Independence. All power to the people.

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